The Changes We Want to Keep: Unexpected Silver Linings – A blog post by Beth Elliot

We have had numerous people from all over the country attend Sunday services recently. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could continue to share in worship even after we are able to meet in the Sanctuary again? Would it be comforting to be able to watch the livestream anytime you need it? 

As we look forward to getting “back to normal,” we should take time to think about what parts of the old normal are worth keeping?  Our world has changed so much in such a short period of time and that can be an opportunity. UUCB will have some exciting and innovative ways to move forward as a community. As the church considers the new ways in which we move forward, what are the things in your life that you may reconsider? 

Want to be part of the larger conversation? Consider joining a Committee. No matter what your strengths, there is a place where you can serve the church community. There are several committees looking for new people. Perhaps your “new normal” could include a new, exciting way for you to contribute at church…

Contact me, or drop by my office hours, if you want to explore the options.

Stay safe and well,

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