A Church By Any Other Name Would Still Smell As Sweet – A Short Photo Essay – A Blog Post By Amy Szen

I don’t know about anyone else, but one thing that has kept me in good spirits throughout this whole pandemic and lock-down experience is that knowledge that life continues on, even without me. This happens both in nature, and in the lives of those I love.


Crocuses blooms in the flower boxes in front of UUCB 


In my capacity as Office Administrator I’ve been popping into the church building now and then to grab the mail, make sure nothing has fallen apart, and to check on Ingrid and the kids. In my more world-weary days, nothing has cheered me up faster than a “Hi Amy!” from Anibal, coming from the Sky Room or the church office. 


The kids hang out in front of the church


I feel like every time I see them they have changed just a little bit more. Anibal is getting taller, his words are coming out clearer each day. Bryant with his steadfast maturity and intelligence beyond his eleven years. And baby Elizabeth, getting bigger and bigger each day (with more beautiful dark hair to boot!). We also cannot forget the continued bravery and strength of their mother, Ingrid. Who, in the midst of a global pandemic, still seeks her freedom. They keep our building warm for us while we must be away! The boys, in particular, have found creative uses for the spaces they can now freely occupy, including blanket/pillow forts and toy car racetracks!


Blanket/Pillow fort in the Sky Room


It’s hard to think of UUCB without incorporating the physical space, but each week I think we all begin to see how little the space makes the place. I’m sure we all miss it and will be glad to be back but clearly the community exists within us who continue it’s practices. 



Amy Szen, Office Administrator