Circle Suppers & Tea Houses in 2019

We won’t have a Circle Supper in December or January (unless you really want one and can host!) The Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Brunch will substitute for the Circle Suppers, We are ready now, however, to sign up hosts for both Circle Suppers and Tea Houses for 2019. Contact Dianne Ewing if you would like host a potluck dinner in your home on a first Saturday (303-776-0227). Contact Mary Pierce if you would like to host a Tea House on a third Sunday (303-360-0187).


Our Circle Supper potluck dinners in homes (or parks in the summer) are held on the first Saturday of each month unless there are conflicts with other UUCB events. They are open to all UUCBers, but sign ups are required. The host can choose a theme for the meal or keep it strictly potluck. Everyone brings a dish to share. The host can limit the number of guests. If more sign up than there is space, we have a backup host(s) in reserve, so we can have several Circle Suppers on the same evening.


Our Sunday afternoon Tea Houses are held on the third Sunday afternoon each month, except when there are other conflicts. There are no sign-ups, but people do not all come at once. They are open house style for two (or three) hours. Everyone brings finger food to share. The host provides tea and another beverage. Numbers of guests vary. In the summer more come and we can usually sit outside. Homes of all sizes work for these gatherings.