CLM: Board Proposal for Use of the $115K PRISM Gift

PRISM chaliceWhere the Money Came From

As many of you know, the church received a generous and unexpected gift of $114,792.89 in January when PRISM, the CU campus ministry sponsored by UUCB and six other local UU and liberal Christian congregations, disbanded and sold its building near the University of Colorado campus. The proceeds of the sale were divided equally between the participating sponsor churches.


Margaret B. Stoner left the building in her will in 1959 to be used as a home for retired missionaries. From 1996 it housed PRISM, the Progressive Radically Inclusive Student Ministry. PRISM was an LGBTQIA-inclusive ministry and was beloved by many students and young adults in the local UU community, some of whom are current members and friends of UUCB.


Our Process

To determine how this gift could be spent both wisely and in a manner consistent with the founding principles of PRISM, the UUCB Board of Trustees established three guiding principles for its decision-making:

  1. Consider the original source and intent of the funds;
  2. Ensure that the funds serve UUCB’s mission, vision and strategic objectives;
  3. Recognize that unrestricted one-time gifts should not be substituted for responsible church stewardship.


Board Recommendation

After requesting input from the Finance Council; Endowment Committee; members of the current UUCB campus ministry, Paths, which was created in the wake of PRISM disbanding; and Rev. Kelly; the Board recommends the following distribution of the funds:

  • $86,000 (roughly 75 percent) will be invested with the goal of providing a sustainable source of funding each year for UUCB’s campus and young adult ministries;
  • $18,000 will be used to support the Ministerial Intern Program at UUCB;
  • The remainder (roughly $11,000) will be put into a newly established Capital  Fund for UUCB.


We Need Your Input!

The next and nearly final step in our process is to gather input from you, the congregation. We’ve planned several opportunities to both discuss the process and proposal in more detail, and to answer your questions.


Please join us on:

  • Sunday, August 6, at 10:15am & 12:00pm In the Earth Room
  • Thursday, August 10, at 7pm in the Earth Room


Comments may also be emailed to Board President Diana Maiden ( After considering your input, we will make a final decision at the August 16 Board meeting.


Thank you to the many UUCB members who have supported PRISM over the decades, and thanks to all of you for participating in this discernment process!