Colorado Senate Opening Prayer

On Tuesday January 29, 2019, I was honored to open the Colorado Senate session with prayer. I started by sharing that Unitarian Universalism is a religion that is non-creedal, free of any doctrines or dogma.
It is based on an ongoing search for truth and meaning, which is what our congregations do together.
We offer spiritual growth in a theologically diverse community. One of our principles is there is an interdependent web of life. Everything is connected.

Then I led the lawmakers in this meditation.

I invite you into a time of meditation to feel connection. If you are willing, take a deep breath in and let it out. Breath connects us to all of life.

Bring to mind your connection to the others in this room. Your connection to all people in the State of Colorado.

Now bring to mind your connection to the land of this beautiful state,
and the Ponderosa Pine,
the Big Horn Sheep,
the Black Bear,
the Hawk.
Feel your connection to all of creation.

When there is a tear in the web of life, the rest of the web feels it. We suffer together. When the web is whole, we thrive together.

May the important work you do today be informed by connection.

So be it.


Rev. Kelly