Affinity Groups at UUCB

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder offers many groups and activities geared toward personal and spiritual development, along with socializing. All are open and welcome new members. Contact our office, officeuucb@gmail.comwith a note about your interests so we can connect you with the Affinity Groups that are right for you!

Affinity Groups at UUCB

Paths – a UU Campus Ministry

Paths is a University of Colorado campus ministry for undergraduate and graduate students. They meet weekly to connect to: their inherent worth and dignity, each other, people marginalized by systems of oppression, other religions, the Earth, and the Spirit of Life. They support each other on their spiritual paths. They act for justice. They reflect. They ground themselves in the traditions and teachings of Unitarian Universalism.  Visit their Facebook Group.

Young Adults

The Young Adult (YA) group at UUCB has an exciting range of spiritual and social opportunities for those age 18 to 35-ish. Monthly events include a potluck with a social and spiritual component, and Spirituality on Tap which meets at a different bar or restaurant every month to discuss a spiritual issue or topic (drinking is optional).

Wine and Spirit

Wine and Spirit is a monthly UUCB social event where participants discuss a spiritual topic with the option of consuming wine. The meetings alternate between restaurants and people’s homes each month. This series is targeted to those 30 to 50 years old, but is open to anybody of any age.

Family Matters

The Family Matters group builds intergenerational connections among children, youth and adults, offers programs that develop proud Unitarian Universalists, and organizes a full calendar of family events. The goal is that our children and youth will beg to come to church for their spiritual development and for the community it provides.

Seniors’ Salon

Seniors’ Salon is an open discussion group for seniors.  It meets from 10am to noon in members’ homes on the second Tuesday of each month.  There is no lower-age attendance criteria; members simply self-select.  Existing members declare that “The purpose and mission of the UUCB Seniors’ Salon is to openly, respectfully and lovingly share among ourselves relevant stories and information about facing and thriving in the later stages of life.”

Wise Elders

The Wise Elders group (typically ages 65 and up) meets quarterly for a potluck lunch at the church. The gatherings are organized by the Caring Ministry Team and include fellowship, good food, and a speaker.

Chalice Circles

Chalice Circles are small groups of people who have something in common to discuss (an issue, an idea, or an interest). The groups meet regularly for discussion and community-building. They are less structured than Covenant Groups and the topics vary by group.

Circle Suppers and Tea Houses

These social events with food are held in church members’ homes to foster community and connection. Circle Suppers (planned potlucks) are on the first Saturday night of the month. Tea Houses (open houses where guests bring finger foods) are held in the afternoon on the third Sunday of the month.

Men’s Fellowship Group

This men’s fellowship group meets monthly in members’ homes for a social hour, potluck, and sharing of lives. This group also sponsors an annual retreat (usually in the mountains) and other events such as UUCB’s annual Homecoming Barbecue in the fall.

Women’s Book Group

The Women’s Book Group meets on the second Friday of the month at noon at UUCB to talk about the selected book. Bring your lunch!

Women’s Spirituality Circle

The Women’s Spirituality Circle meets on the first Wednesday of each month at UUCB from 7 to 9 p.m. to explore different aspects of feminine spirituality.

…And More

Other groups often form around interests like birding, bridge playing, and poetry. New groups become active when there is enough interest in the congregation. To start a new social group or activity, contact the church office with your idea.