Become a Member at UUCB

Your liberal religious home

The decision to become a member at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder is an important milestone in your spiritual journey. In joining UUCB, you are committing to journey in covenant with your congregation. By making a public statement that you want to become more involved in the celebration and services of our community life, and committing yourself to become part of our liberal religious presence in our community and in the wider world.

How Do I Become a Member?

Usually, this is how one becomes a member of our community:

  • Participate in a Path to Membership Class. Classes are offered throughout the Church year. A light lunch and child care are provided. Email our Congregational Life Director at
  • Participate in a Getting to Know UU Class. This class is also required for membership, but doesn’t need to be taken before Path to Membership.
  • Make a financial pledge and volunteer commitment to support our Shared Ministry.
  • Sign the Membership Book.
  • Participate in a New Member Welcome ceremony.