Out of Control – A Blog Post By Beth Elliot

There is so much that is out of our control right now. That can be a very uncomfortable reality. Change is always the only constant in life, but right now it feels daunting how much change is happening all at once. Most of us have had our whole lives altered dramatically. UUCB has wonderful ways to help if you are struggling with living with uncertainty. We have programs, pastoral care, and community for you to lean on when things get rough. Not sure how? Just contact me and we can determine the best ways for you to meaningfully connect.

Want a few simple things that you can control? 

If you haven’t already, please log in to the church’s database software, Breeze, and set up your profile. You can make changes to your contact information, manage your contributions and pledge, and more. Be sure to use the email that you have on file with the church to log in. As we continue to have to do so much online, using Breeze will help us all stay connected. Please contact me if you have any questions or need more information. https://uucb.breezechms.com/login/create

You can also contribute to the church without using your own money! Sign up for the King Soopers Community Rewards program and the church automatically receives a percentage of your spending totals. Follow the link and set up your account, then go to My Account and follow the prompts under the Community Rewards to find UUCB and make us your choice of recipient. https://www.kingsoopers.com Small gestures like this make a huge difference for this community. Thanks in advance for helping out!

How else can we focus on the few areas we can actually control? We can follow the guidelines set out by experts to keep ourselves and the community safe. We can recognize that we can’t control others but we can choose how we respond. Gratitude, self-care, and nurturing relationships are all things we control. 

Something that has helped me is to have a mantra to come back to throughout each day. My current mantra (all credit to the UUCB Mission Statement): Always Love.