The COURAGE to Change the Things We Can

The Justice Council has had their first meeting of the current church year, and it was quite a success. Goals from the Justice Ministries for the coming month and year were shared. There is a lot of overlap between our Climate Action, Racial Justice, LGBTQIA Plus/Gender Concerns, People of Color, Community Table that it made sense to invite anyone who is interested in Justice issues so that they could participate in their own way. There will be more details printed in the Oct Order of Service flyer (third Sunday) regarding the goals of each Ministry.

Moving forward each month in the Clear Light Messenger there will be an article initiated by the Justice Council. There will be subcategories of each Ministry that may have things like a check-in of what they are doing in the coming month or have done in the previous month and wish to communicate to the congregation. Perhaps some members have attended a demonstration and can give some insight of what it was like.

It takes courage to make a difference and that courage is moving the ‘Wheel of Justice’ forward.