Covenant – A Blog Post by Beth Elliot

New beginnings can be a time of great energy, fresh perspectives, and thoughtful reflection. This month is the beginning of our church year. Just as we take time on New Year’s Eve to reminisce on the past year and set intentions for the next, this is a chance for our church to do the same. 


In Unitarian Universalist churches we covenant together. We give our word to each other to enter into agreement on how we choose to be in relationship with each other. We say our UUCB Covenant together almost every Sunday during services. Many committees begin each meeting by saying their specific covenants out loud. It is a wonderful way to remind ourselves of our pledge.


However, covenants are not static. They are meant to be living, growing things. If we are living our mission to…  

  • Connect Bravely
  • Deepen Spiritually
  • Embody Justice
  • Always Love

..then each year will bring with it new learning and perspectives. We should, as people of a spiritual community, be ever adapting, and so should our covenants. 


This is the perfect moment for every affinity group, committee, and small group ministry to review, refresh, and update its covenant. 


Another way to harness the energy of this fresh beginning is to participate in this Sunday’s Communal Altar to celebrate our New Member Joining Ceremony. 


On Saturday, July 18th, we will come together to make an altar to welcome our new members and create a sacred, communal space. We ask all folx affiliated with our congregation (and don’t forget the kids!) to bring an object that is sacred, holy or meaningful to them. An item that speaks to the following:


“May we be united in love. 

May we be guided by our deepest values. 

May we live according to our Covenant.

May we bear witness to the best of what this church and our world can be.”


We ask that you…

Only stay for your allotted time

Wear a mask

Maintain 6ft distance from others 

You may place your item directly on the altar space or drop it in a contactless box to be added by a person later. We can also arrange for pickups if you would prefer to not go to the church. Any items that need to be returned can be marked and we will arrange for their return.

If you would like to view the finished altar, please feel free to drive by on Sunday.

The new members will add their items as they join and together we will create sacred space. Don’t miss the service this Sunday, July 19th to see  the

New Member Joining Ceremony.


Here is the link to reserve your altar contribution time slot. Let’s build something sacred together, honor our covenants, and continue to be a beacon of liberal religion.