Dear friends,

I am writing to you from my new home in Arvada amidst this strange time of semi-seclusion missing the personal interaction with you all!  Many of you either know or can at least guess that I am a people person. I draw my energy from those around me – on my ‘worst days’ my spirits are immediately lifted through song and personal connection.  The first few days were difficult for me and I will admit I took many naps throughout the day and slept way too long to be productive. But my body and spirit needed that extra rest to process, recharge and adapt to our new ways of working and connecting.  The fun part now is we can embrace the technology that allows us to remain “together” in our spiritual bonds. I had never opened the program Garage Band on my Mac and now, I have a new toy! It’s fun to record layers and multiple tracks right here at my computer.  And with help from Amanda Williams (our wonderful pianist) and her husband Sam, we are able to record from our respective homes, music that continues to uphold the message of our worship services. We can email files back and forth and add tracks. This opens up the field of collaborative music making with a full range of ways to work together, even if in front of our computer screens.


I saw a headline in the news the other day, something to the effect of “families are flocking to nearby parks to escape quarantine” and I kinda laughed.  What? People are going outside to play? Then I thought, What? People are cooking for their families and not going to restaurants?? (LOL) This reminds me of my childhood, growing up in rural NJ (yes, most of NJ is rural folks!  haha) where my mom would go grocery shopping for the family once a week and plan meals that we cooked and ate together at the dinner table. Amazing – are we returning to this in these times? It’s simply how it was when I was a kid.  My sister and I would ‘escape the house’ by playing outside on our bikes, or literally with rocks and a dirt pile. We built a whole city out of that dirt pile – the rocks were cars which we tracked along the dirt roads we carved, and parked them in the ‘garage’ that we made.  I would swing on the rope swing tied to a branch and sing, making up songs – looking up at the tree which had flowers that looked like tulips. Listening to birds and escaping. Anything to stay outside! 🙂


Today, I see and hear children playing outside with basketballs, people walking to the grocery store – doesn’t seem so bad!  And all of this is temporary to keep us safe. I find strength in this. For someone who loves being with people and draws so much energy from it, this is becoming a time for introspection, reflection and prayer.  I hope many of you are finding this as well.


“Return again, return again. Return to the home of your soul.  Return to who you are, return to what you are, return to where you are, born and reborn again”.


Debra Hammond