December 2017 Heartbeat Survey Results!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Heartbeat Survey. The Committee on Shared Ministries (COSM) does this survey once a year to get a quick “pulse” on how well the congregation is living our mission. We had lower participation this year we believe due to the weather and being close to the winter holidays. Read some highlights from the survey results. Full results have been shared with the minister and the Board who took this into consideration for our next church year and ongoing strategy.


  • We are a Happy Church and we’re getting happier
  • We saw statistically significant improvement in some of our programs including Worship Services, Adult and Youth Religious Education (RE) and Justice
  • The congregation is more unified in our opinions about the church
    • The exception is that the age 36-50 group had mixed feelings about the Adult RE program, we hope to do some engagement and find out what concerns there might be with Adult RE
  • Our Wise Elders are finding opportunities to enact justice
  • The Care and Support category for our Wise Elders has not changed in a measurable way over the past four surveys
  • We’re seeing strong multi-year improvement in enacting justice
  • We had the lowest percentage of respondents ever from our young adult group this year


We also had some great comments and suggestions including:


  • Sometimes I feel barriers to reaching out for care and support, mostly in knowing how to reach out. That said, I always know that I can.
  • I would love to have more modern worship music on Sundays
  • UUCB is an important part of my life. I admire the big goals we have set and strive to reach. Proud to call UUCB “home”
  • Coffee hour: we all love it, need to staff it
  • I am very pleased that UUCB has voted to become a Sanctuary Congregation. It feels good to take action, to live out our values.
  • The Caring Committee may need a better way to find out who is needing help in the congregation.
  • The congregation membership does not reflect the goals of diversity. Even considering the population of Boulder why is this so? …My intent with this comment is not to be critical but rather as a hope that we can grow both as a congregation, a community and as individuals
  • Would like a morning meditation group.



We look forward to continuing to build beloved community together!