Climate Action Ministry, 2017-2018 Film/Presentation Series, Combating Climate Change in Your Garden

Event Details

March 19, 7-8:30 pm – Presenter:  Elizabeth Black. Soil sequestration of carbon is a hopeful new strategy for combating climate change and promoting healthy soils.  Certain gardening practices can take CO2 out of the atmosphere, store the CO2 in your soil AND improve your soil, all at the same time. By following these practices, your garden can become part of the solution to climate change.  Elizabeth will cover the whys, how’s, research, and challenges of soil sequestration and soil health. If you are curious about soil sequestration of carbon and want to learn more, please join her.


Elizabeth Black paints landscapes and farms in North Boulder with her husband Chris Brown.  She sells vegetables and Christmas trees from her teeny Neighborhood Christmas Tree Farm, and has been concerned about climate change for the last 10 years.  She grows seedling trees and gives them away each June, to help combat climate change, lock up CO2, and make our lives a little shadier and cooler. 


To attend: Please sign up at Adult RE table during coffee hour.