Faith Formation Focus

Si! Committee (Strategic Initiatives)

Did you know that the greatest source of UU faith development comes from PARENTS?  But most parents feel unprepared to fulfill this role. Did you know that, around the country, Unitarian Universalism is growing, but our religious educations programs continue to lose participation? We need solutions for UUCB and UUism, so  please attend the Si! Committee’s Forum on January 13 after both services to learn more and share your thoughts. The Si! Committee will provide good food for your bellies so your minds are free to explore the possibilities as together we reimagine Faith Development at UUCB.

Parents Groups Starting in January

UUCB together with BVUUF are offering a Parents Group for both congregations on Sunday evenings during our youth programming. This is for parents of children and youth of all ages.  Rev. Dana Lightsey and Ellen Saunders Duncan will facilitate this group as we talk about family life, UUism, and issues around parenting. We will also have helpful resources and guest speakers. We will meet on last Sundays at 4:15-5:45. Childcare will be provided. Please RSVP to let us know if it is needed. Our first gathering will be Sunday, January 27. Please bring a list of topics you would like for us to cover. Let Rev. Dana know if you would like participate:

Soul Matters – “Soulful Home”

Soul matters is a Unitarian Universalist resource for our monthly themes. They have just created a new resource for parents. UUCB has decided to purchase a group membership, so it will cost the church $1 per family per month. Please let us know if you would like to participate by January 15 so we can register for this cool new program!

Here’s more information from Soul Matters:

Soulful Home is a monthly guide for parents organized around seven distinct family “spaces” and filled with ideas and resources to fill those spaces with UU theme-based exploration. We know that  family life is very full, so this guide offers manageable activities and adventures that can be woven into the regular routines and spaces that families already share. As the Soulful Home tagline says, it’s all about “Exploring the Sacred in Everyday Spaces!” It’s a way for parents to take the meaningful discussions you are having in your congregations out of the church building and into their home.

More details and information about how your families can subscribe are found on our website:

Do you get our Parents Weekly email? This has additional information for each week and is a great way to learn what is happening with Family Ministry. Please contact to sign up. We’d love to stay in touch!


We’ll celebrate the winter season and snow and twinkling stars and the bright winter moon. We’ll wonder about nature’s plan for animals in the cold weather. What do they eat? Where do they sleep?  We’ll read Ezra Jack Keat’s book, “Snowy Day,” as well as other stories about winter and animals. We’ll learn the song “Come Sing a Song of Winter”. The children will continue to hear and use the words Unitarian Universalist (a mouthful) and Open Mind and Helping Hands and Loving Hearts. We’ll light the Chalice and find our “Quiet” inside each week. We’ll sing and dance and wonder our way through the cold months.

K-5: Soul Matters

Our Theme for the month of January is “Possibility”.

January 6 – “The Possibility of YOU” This session lifts up our first principle, the inherent worth and dignity of each person. Inside each of us is the possibility of anything, we say. We practice the spirituality of potential, which gives us hope for a new beginning in the new year.

January 13 – “Impossible Possibility” This week’s lesson considers how the future is wonderfully impossible to predict. Folks used to think that a machine could never be invented that would allow people to fly in the air. That would be impossible they said!  Something that seemed impossible became possible. Folks used to think that women should not vote because they were too delicate to be a part of decisions. That was impossible they said! But eventually, women were granted the right to vote. Something that seemed impossible became possible. What other impossible things might become possible?

January 20 – “The Possibility of Change” The message this week is that it is possible to make a difference. We UU’s are an idealistic, hopeful people. One of our beliefs is that it is possible to make a difference in the world. Our spiritual practice is justice making. We will celebrate the possibility of change today by sharing the story of the recent change in marriage equality.

January 27 – The Strategic Initiatives Committee will visit with our class to gain insights from the children about creating the future of faith development at UUCB.

“Popcorn Theology”

for Middle & High Schoolers

HELP!  WE NEED TEACHERS to help with Popcorn Theology! This is a fun class with a great group of youth. Please consider helping us out.  Contact Rev. Dana Lightsey if you are interested at Thank you!

January 6 – This session’s title is “By Accident” and features clips from the movie “Knowing”. The focus will be to consider determinism vs. random events, to understand how these ideas can determine or influence a person’s world-view and even theology, and to explore whether or not we have a purpose in this life

January 13 – This session is “No Blank Slate”. The movie is the great classic, “Back to the Future”.  The focus of this session is to examine how the choices we make affect our lives and the lives of others, to see how our actions become significant when our choices affect the lives of others, and to consider the idea of Unitarian Universalism as a religion of choices.

January 20 – The title of this session, “Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates” is a quote from the movie “Forrest Gump”. This movie will consider how a positive outlook on life can make a difference, help everyone to understand the concept of gratitude in developing that positive outlook, and explore ways in which we all create our own destinies through either a positive or negative outlook on life.

January 27 – The Strategic Initiatives Committee will visit with our class to gain insights from the youth about creating the future of faith development at UUCB.