Faith Formation Focus “What does it mean to be a people of SANCTUARY?”

“What does it mean to be a people of SANCTUARY?”  This is our theme for October.


The theme of sanctuary brings up notions of safety, and also reverence.  It is a place where one can explore their inner life in a place that supports their growth.  Here’s what we are exploring in the safety of our sanctuary called UUCB:


FAMILY WORSHIP – October 14, 9:15am

This month in Religious Education we will have our first “Family Worship Service” on October 14 during the first service.  Everyone is invited to this fun, interactive event that will be a whole new way of experience worship with your whole family.  This will take place in the Chapel at the end of the hallway.


INTERGENERATIONAL WORSHIP – October 28, both services

On October 28, we will have an intergenerational service in the sanctuary for both services.  This service is about all the ways we, as families and friends, create shelter for each other through our relationships. Rev. Dana leads us in the fun of this multigenerational service as we celebrate all the ways we are a part of each other’s lives.


PRESCHOOL –  With Susan and Tim Bailey

Each week, your child sings, hears a story or two, lights a chalice, plays with friends, and creates!  Most importantly, your child is greeted with love and joy.  It is a great honor to be entrusted with your precious child.  Thank you!   


We’ll spend the next few weeks on Rainbows.  We all love rainbows!  UU teachers have developed RE sessions based upon rainbows, and we will adapt the curriculum for our 3-4 years olds.  


The session highlights:

Red :  Each person is important;

Orange:  Be kind;

Yellow:  Be curious;

Green:  Grow – inside and outside;

Blue:  Each child has good ideas;

Indigo:  Go in peace 

Violet:  Love all of creation.


Our goal for the first four sessions was to help your child feel loved, respected and welcomed with joy to a special place –  UUCB!


With kindness and gratitude, 

Susan and Tim

“SOUL MATTERS” K-5 CLASS – With Rosemary Lohndorf, Anna Evenson, Sarah Galloway, and Rev. Dana Lightsey


This month we will explore how architecture creates a holy space by learning about cathedrals.  We will also explore the idea of sanctuary as a place to keep people who are undocumented safe, like Ingrid and her family.  

October 7, “Our Worship Sanctuaries:  The Spaces that Hold Us and Our Values

October 14, Everyone will attend Family Worship Service in the chapel

October 21, The Sanctuary Movement: Being a Shelter For Each Other

October 28, Everyone attend the Intergenerational Service in the sanctuary



October 7, “Spiderman: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”.  

October 14, Everyone will attend Family Worship Service in the chapel

October 21, Star Trek-First Contact: Vengeance is Mine

October 28, Everyone will attend the Intergenerational Service in the sanctuary


May this beautiful fall provide each of us with sanctuary for our growing souls!


See you on Sunday,


Rev. Dana Lightsey