Faith Formation Focus: Prophecy

We start out the New Year with a theme word that is not so obvious to our faith.  The word is prophecy and we will undoubtedly all understand it better after delving into it more this month in our services and mindful meetings.  In the meantime I did some searching on my own –first in general, than more pointedly as to how UUs relate to the idea of prophecy.   One of Webster’s definitions of prophecy is, “a prediction uttered under divine inspiration.”  In a Tapestry of Faith Christmas message it said, “We (UUs) consider Jesus as one of history’s great prophets.  In our faith each of us has the capacity to be prophetic.”  


This statement would speak of blasphemy and alarm any true believer from my former faith where prophesizing is strictly limited to prophets (men called of God and ordained to speak his word to common folk.) However if there is divine inspiration to be had (and uttered), prophets are just human, after all, not demi-gods, so it stands to reason that any of us could also draw on this capacity, being equally human ourselves.   I certainly believe that the divine resides within each of us and can be a source of inspiration.


Still, to my knowledge, I don’t believe I have ever, personally, spoken prophetically.  It is true that I am known in my family for making optimistic predictions about the future to cheer my kids when they feel stuck, but I wouldn’t call these actual prophecies.  To be optimistic, or to prophesize I assume, one relies on a certain amount of faith but in cheering my kids I am mostly willing good things into being because of my love for them- not uttering predictions under divine inspiration.  One thing I do know.  When we invite the holy into our lives, whatever that means to us, we can gain inspiration and sometimes see more clearly at least our own immediate future path and maybe, with the right intent, beyond that.


A look at what is coming up in Religious Education:


Jan 8 – First day of 2 services!!  All Religious Education programs will be held at the 11:00 session. Childcare for Nursery – 5th grade is available at 9:15.


Jan. 22—Activity Sunday led by the Climate Change Ministry folks


Jan 22–Soup-er Bowl Sunday – 5:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m. Bring a crockpot of soup to share and a can or two of soup for the local food pantry.  We will be learning how to knit scarfs for the homeless shelter and enjoy good music and storytelling.
UUCB Mystery Pals sign up!!  It is time to sign up to be a Mystery Pal and for your kids to get a Mystery Pal.  This is a great Multi-generational program.  Sign up forms will be under the Religious Education bulletin board.  Pals will be assigned after the 8th of January and our Pal Party will be on Feb. 12th  after a few letter exchanges.