Faith Formation Focus: Register your Child(ren) for Religious Education!

We are getting excited for the new church year.

Preschool: Our preschool teachers, Tim and Susan Bailey, return to lead this age group

Kindergarten through 5th Grade will be together this year, using a Montessori style of learning where the older children teach and learn. The curriculum for K-5 is: Theme-based Soul Matters Program. Each month the children will explore the same theme as the adults using the “three S’s” of faith formation in Soul Matters – “Silence, Sunshine and Service“ along with lots of opportunities for experiential learning and fun. Themes for the fall include – What Does It Mean to be a People of… Vision, Sanctuary, Memory, and Mystery.  

Middle Schoolers (grades 6-8) will meet on Sundays and use a curriculum called Popcorn Theology. They will explore issues of theology and ethics through film excerpts from movies such as “The Life of Pi,” “I, Robot,” “The Hunger Games,” “X-Files, and “Million Dollar Baby.”  

High schoolers will have a choice: Join adults in worship on Sunday mornings or join Popcorn Theology!  They will also help lead worship throughout the year

Here is a link to the detailed calendar and plan for Youth Programming, led by our Youth Coordinator, Ellen Saunders Duncan.  

Please register here for all programs:

Rev. Dana Lightsey will be providing lots of support and encouragement for teachers and parents. She starts August 7, and we can’t wait to introduce her to the entire congregation.