Faith Formation Focus: Transformation

As Unitarian Universalist we are in the business of transformation.  When I first joined the church I was impressed that the mission of the UUA is to transform people who will transform the world.  


The word “transformation” carries the prefix “trans” which means “beyond,” so to transform is literally to go beyond our form.  When I am troubled I envy the freedom of the birds and the simple lives of the animals around me and wish I could transform into one of them- if only for a while.  At a certain age children certainly possess the imagination to turn themselves into any number of animals on any given day, and living with them I can recall numerous times wishing that I too could set aside my human cares and just live as a body–minus the worry and complexity that the mind is forever grappling with.  But alas, given that we must remain human what kind of transformation can we aspire to?


Ram Dass said that “you and I are to be a force for transformation in the world.  We are the consciousness that will define the nature of the reality we are moving into.”  Maharshi said that transforming yourself is a means of giving light to the whole world.  I think they are both on the right track.


Looking back in my life transformation has usually been a process rather than an instantaneous thing and I can identify three major agents of transformation; time, love and children.  Certainly the relentless march of time is a huge agent of transformation. There is an anonymous quote that I love: Then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.  Even if we try to resist it, life requires us to change (and hopefully blossom) as time marches on.


Love can be a major force of transformation if we humble ourselves enough to sit at its feet and learn its lessons. Children and all things that we love deeply and are willing to sacrifice for definitely bring about transformation in us.  At this stage I am looking forward to my children having children so I can witness that growth and transformation in them. (Besides I miss those little ones in my life and very much want to be a grandma.)  Every parent can attest that small as they are, newborn babies are a crash course in putting someone else’s needs before your own and loving like you never thought you could love- and it never ends. Children are definite agents of transformation.


I am excited for this coming year in Religious Education.  The Web of Life is our theme and we are going to be using some great material put out by the UUA in Tapestry of Faith. I feel deeply that it is a privilege to be a part of the lives of our children and youth. As I move into this season of new birth and creation of our next years R.E program I invite all of you who would like to get involved with our youth to contact me so I can tell you more.  I guarantee that the blessings of working with our little ones and youth are huge and transforming!


Janen Wright, Director of Faith Formation    


What’s coming up in April:


April 8th from 9-3 Full Church Clean Up day-  Stop in for a couple of hours and bring your kids to help us goop the playground!  There is plenty for everyone to do and it’s fun to work together!


April 8- Seder Celebration at the Fellowship from 4- 8 p.m.


April 15th – at 4:00 p.m.  Field trip to the Flat Irons Christian Church for all our Middle and High Schoolers (parents are invited as well.)  Service starts at 4:00 and we will have pizza and discussion afterwards.


April 16th– Easter Sunday and Easter Egg hunt in R.E


April 22nd— 11a.m.-1: p.m.  Appreciation Brunch for all teachers, Coming Of Age guides and Owl facilitators.


April 23rd– Family Matters Potluck at Fred Ellis’ Ranch in Longmont- time and details to come


April 29th–  Full Church World Religion Cultural Night and Potluck


April 29th-30th Coming of Age Spring Retreat