Family Ministry Newsletter February, 2020

From Rev. Dana – 

Hello everyone,

Our monthly theme for February is Resilience.  I hope that being a part of this community strengthens your resiliency.  May it bring you great fun as well as meaning and purpose. We truly are better together!

We are in the midst of our second immersion experience.  This time, our focus is on dismantling racism within ourselves and in the system we live in.  Come visit with our special guest, Regan Byrd, this Sunday at 9:15 am and 11:00 am during our Sunday morning classes.  Parents and other adults are invited to join us for this important presentation!  Below, you will find helpful resources to keep the conversation going at home.

Check out some new, cool things happening with our HS Youth(below).

Hosting our first coffee hour after the early service this past Sunday was a great success!  We had a great time, and we’ll be doing it again on February 23.  Special thanks to Scharmin Dorotskar and all the kids for helping out!

A special shout out goes to Linda Levine, who has been teaching our Preschool every Sunday we have class all year!  Linda also spent about 10 hours helping me clean out the storeroom! Whew! Thank you, LINDA!  

A very special thank you goes to Robin Miller for having volunteered to be on the Strategic Initiatives Committee last year and the Family Ministry Team this year.  She has been a great asset to us and has helped out in countless ways! She is stepping down to volunteer in other areas of the church. Thank you, ROBIN!  

Want to help out?  Email Rev. Dana and join in the fun!


Community Night is on Valentine’s Day this year and it promises to be full of heartfelt FUN!

I’m delighted that UUCB Family Ministry is going back to Pine Ridge!  (April 17-20)  This was a powerful and deeply meaningful experience for those who attended last time.  Sign up below.

It is with great joy that I thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your kids!

Always love,

Rev. Dana


“Building a Better World”

Second Justice Immersion Experience – Racism

Each class will participate in their own age-appropriate version of these lessons.


February 2 – Guest speaker, Regan Byrd, leading discussion about dismantling racism. All parents & other adults are invited to join us!

February 9 – We will wrap up our focus on dismantling racism with a time to reflect on what we have learned.

February 16 – Games & Crafts day!  Time to have some fun with games and crafts!

February 23 – This class will focus on the monthly theme of Resilience.This is our Sunday to host Fellowship Hour


Dismantling Racism – Resources for Parents

As the research reminds us, parents are the most important factor in a child’s spiritual and moral development.  With that in mind, here are some resources to help with conversations dismantling racism within ourselves and the system we live in:

Check out this great Podcast shared by one of our parents, Mandy Brown:

Our preschool teacher, Linda Levine found this great ebook:

From our guest speaker, Regan Byrd:

Here’s a bit of what I’m reading and watching:

Teaching Tolerance (from Southern Poverty Law) interviews Robin DiAngelo: 

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:

Ta-Nehisi Coates:

White Fragility, by Robin DiAngelo  

Teaching Tolerance (from Southern Poverty Law) interviews Robin DiAngelo: 

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:

Ta-Nehisi Coates:


High School Youth –

High School Youth meet Sunday mornings at 11:00 am and Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm.

From Galen – 

Moving forward into the new year we’re trying a different approach to youth group. Moving forward we will be moving the day for the evening youth group to Sunday from 7:00pm-9:00pm, weekly.

Over the past months I’ve been talking to several of you about the shape of the youth group and what you would like to see out of it. There were several things that came up almost continuously: being active in the community, LGBTQI issues, Environmental activism, and helping those affected by immigration. Based on this I picked several organizations that operate locally and are active on these issues. Over the next few months, and possibly during the summer as we are able, I would like the youth to pursue being active with these groups.

On February 2nd – Regan Byrd will be speaking about dismantling racism to the youth at 11:00 am in the Youth Room at UUCB. I’ve been to hear her speak and she is absolutely fantastic! 

On February 7-9th – there will be a Peer Pastoral training down in Denver at the First Unitarian Society of Denver for those interested. The link to register for the training is  Register here!    Registration closes on January 29th so register soon!

Gen 7 Program – Lori and Dave Ventimiglia from Tipi Raisers will talk with parents and youth about the Gen 7 program on March 8 at 11:00 am in the Youth Room.  The purpose of the Gen 7 Program is to “convene, mobilize and empower Native and non-Native young leaders; building relationships, bridging cultural gaps and providing the tools and resources necessary to bring awareness to pressing issues and make genuine change in the world around them.”  Come learn more about it and how you can get involved.


TRANSforming Gender Conference at UC Boulder

It is free to attend the TRANSforming Gender conference: A conference to increase visibility and education about transgender identities and issues, bringing together the trans and allied communities. Go online, to register, Conference runs March 14 and 15 at UC Boulder.

Kids and Coffee Hour – February 23

One of the goals mentioned by many people, adults, children, and youth, is to do a better job integrating our young people into the rest of the church community. To that end, our children and youth will be volunteering to help with coffee hour every fourth Sunday.  In addition to serving the adults, the children and youth will also begin attending coffee hour on occasion. This provides us with a great opportunity to help all of our people of every age to engage with each other in a respectful and meaningful way. Assistance from parents and other adults would be most appreciated! Thank you!


Helping on Sunday Mornings  

Many thanks to all of you who help out on Sunday mornings! It is fun and helpful to have you in our classrooms. Please send me an email or sign up on the Google Calendar. Let me know if you need an invitation to the calendar.  

Thanks again for being involved with Family Ministry!


UUCB Family Ministry is Going Back to Pine Ridge!

Mark your calendars! April 17-20: UUCB Volunteer Work Weekend 

Tipi Raisers, the organization we work with at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, is hosting TWO work weekends coming up. UUCB is going on the April 17-20 trip. This trip will be primarily focused on continuing to repair and winterize homes on Pine Ridge and deliver desperately needed food and material donations. There is a requested $100 minimum donation to help cover the cost of food and lodging. This is for families and people of all ages.

Here’s the link to register for this trip:

The other trip is on February 15-18 and they would love for people to come up and help out. This is not an official UUCB event, only because we can’t coordinate trips that often. However, I wanted to let you know about it in case you want to participate on your own. This work weekend in February is also a Food Drive!

Here’s that registration link:


Community Nights – Happy Valentine’s Day!  

Friday, February 14 at 6pm. It’s time for GAME NIGHT!

We will play interactive games together as a whole group and also play board games.  It promises to be a FUN night! Bring something yummy to share with all your valentines for our potluck!


Soulful Home – “Soulful Home” is a Unitarian Universalist resource for parents and families to use at home from our membership with Soul Matters. It comes out each month and is full of great information and activities to share with your children and youth.   

CLICK HERE to access the entire FEBRUARY packet.



[Excerpt] The Welcome Mat

What Does it Mean to be a Family of Resilience?

This month, we’re going to base our exploration of resilience on a few premises:

One, resilience is something you can build and grow. 

Two, resilient communities are exponentially stronger and more agile than resilient individuals, so going it together is better than going it alone. 

Three, emergent theology tells us that we won’t always know the goal or the outcome of our efforts, or even the right path to take to head toward the good. But–especially with love and support–we can figure out the next right thing to do. 

For a people of faith, resilience is more than grit (though it can contain grit), and it’s more than good vibes (though good vibes help). Resilience is about keeping the faith together; reminding ourselves and each other of stories of courage, redemption, and community; and consciously–even playfully–cultivating tools to help us grow into our sturdy wholeness.

UPDATED Calendar

Now that we’ve had the chance to try out this new approach to Family Ministry, I would like to make a few changes to our calendar for the rest of the church year.  Based on feedback, I have replaced some of the Worship for All Ages (in the sanctuary) with the more interactive Family Worship Services (in the Sky Room). These are only at 9:15 am. I have combined the Justice Immersion and Worship Immersion into one Justice Immersion with a performance component (on May 10).  The focus will be Climate Justice.  As always, please let me know what you think.


Family Ministry Calendar 2019-2020

(updated 1/28/2020)

February – Theme: RESILIENCE

   2/2/2020 – Service Immersion-Action

   2/9/2020 – Service Immersion-Reflection

   2/16/2020 – Games & Crafts, 4-day weekend

   2/23/2020 – Monthly Theme “Soul Matters” Lesson

March – Theme: WISDOM

   3/1/2020 – Monthly Theme “Soul Matters” Lesson

   3/8/2020 – Monthly Theme “Soul Matters” Lesson

   3/15/2020 – Games & Crafts, Spring Break

   3/22/2020 – Family Worship Service (9:15 am)

   3/29/2020 – Climate Justice Immersion-Study & Rehearsal

April – Theme: LIBERATION

   4/5/2020 – Climate Justice Immersion-Study & Rehearsal

   4/12/2020 – Easter – Monthly Theme “Soul Matters” Lesson

   4/19/2020 – Climate Justice Immersion-Study & Rehearsal 

   4/25/2020Climate Justice Immersion-Action


   5/3/2020Climate Justice Immersion-Rehearsal Day

   5/10/2020 – Worship for All Ages – Children & Youth Presentation

   5/17/2020 – School’s Out Party – Games & Crafts

   5/24/2020 – Family Worship Service (9:15 am)

   5/31/2020 – Monthly Theme Lesson

June – Theme: PLAY

   6/7/2020 – Worship for All Ages – Flower Communion

   6/14/2020 – Summer Programming Begins


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