Family Ministry Newsletter January, 2020

Welcome to a new year, my friends!  


We are delighted to begin a new Justice Immersion Experience with a focus on racism.  So far, Family Ministry has had a Justice Immersion focused on indigenous people and a Worship Immersion focused on immigration.   


Quick Reflection:  I want to share a few learnings from this year so far concerning our experimentation with this new plan for Family Ministry:

  • The Immersion Experiences have a deep impact with our children and youth which has been transformative for some.
  • Three weeks is not enough for an Immersion Experience.  4-5 weeks seems much better and more children and youth are able to be involved.
  • It makes more sense to me to have a worship component to each Justice Immersion Experience instead of separate Worship Immersion Experiences.
  • The action part, which is where we are directly involved in working to make a difference, is a critical part of the learning.
  • Community Nights are great fun and a big success!  


With all that in mind, we will focus on racism from January 5 through February 9.  Here is how things are shaping up so far:


Building a Better World: Second Social Justice Immersion 

January Class schedule for K-12


January 5 – “Walking Our Talk”  With the monthly theme of Integrity, our classes will explore what it means to walk our talk when it comes to racism and white supremacy culture.  This is a lesson from the Soul Matters Curriculum.


January 12 – “The Matter of Race”, Family Worship Service with Rev. Dana Lightsey –  To understand our world today, we must work to understand how we got here.  This interactive service will explore the history of the civil rights movement and how racism and white supremacy culture is still with us.


January 19 – “Building Beloved Community”, Worship for All-Ages

This service will explore Martin Luther King’s dream of beloved community and how we work to create that as we dismantle racism and white supremacy culture.


January 26 – This class will explore the history of slavery as it helped to shape our country.


High School Youth 

HS Youth – Sunday Mornings:  The high school youth will work with our new Youth Coordinator, Galen Pereira, and the other youth advisors to learn about the history of white supremacy culture and work with the congregation to take action on social justice projects to dismantle racism and oppression.  They will determine much of their own curriculum. UUCB youth will also combine with BVUUF youth on projects and events.


HS Youth – MONDAY Evenings:  HS Youth Group will meet on the 1st and 3rd weeks of every month on Monday evenings.  


Kids and Coffee Hour – January 26

One of the goals mentioned by many people, adults, children, and youth, is to do a better job integrating our young people into the rest of the church community.  To that end, our children and youth will be volunteering to help with coffee hour every fourth Sunday. In addition to serving the adults, the children and youth will also begin attending coffee hour on occasion.  This provides us with a great opportunity to help all of our people of every age to engage with each other in a respectful and meaningful way. Assistance from parents and other adults would be most appreciated! Thank you!


Community Nights

Time for some fun with January’s Community Night – Friday, January 10 at 6pm.  Please bring a dish to share at the potluck. We will grow new friendships as our children and youth play games and have fun and the adults will get to know each other with small group discussions.  The coolest people in Boulder will be there – YOU!


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