Family Ministry Newsletter May, 2019

May 12 – Child Dedication Ceremony
As Unitarian Universalists, instead of baptisms, we have a child dedication ceremony that celebrates each child as a unique part of our community and reminds us all of our responsibilities to help each child grow and develop in this beloved community. Children of any age are invited to participate in this ceremony which will be held on Mother’s Day, May 12. Please CLICK HERE to sign up at if you would like your children included in the ceremony. We will have regular classes after the ceremony.


May 19 – Coming Of Age Ceremony, Bridging, and Teacher Appreciation Ceremony
Come join our Middle School and High School students as they transition into their next step toward adulthood. Preschoolers and K-5th Grades will have regular classes after the Teacher Appreciation Ceremony.


“Celebrating Me and My World” – Preschool

May 5 – “My World Has Light” This session helps children to celebrate the wonder and beauty of daylight. Comparing the world in daylight compared to darkness enables children to see similarities and experience the magic of daylight.

May 12 – “People Love Me” This session helps children identify the ways they feel loved and that all children are loveable, just as they are. This also recognizes the unconditional love of parents as we celebrate Mother’s Day. We begin in the sanctuary for the Child Dedication Ceremony.

May 19 – “People Help Me” Everybody needs a little help sometimes. Fortunately, there are a lot of people who like to help others. This lesson helps our children think about the ways people help them and what it is like to help others.

May 26 – “People Teach Me” The world is full of fun and interesting things to learn about, as well as many people who enjoy teaching children about the world. This lesson helps them explore the many ways we learn and become more appreciative of teachers and the ways they teach.

“Soul Matters” – K-5 Grades
Theme for the Month of May: What does it mean to be a people of… CURIOSITY.

May 5 – “Curiosity and Understanding”
We consider how we seek to understand the whole story by being curious about all the questions. In this class, we will practice looking at something from all sides. The Islamic holiday of Ramadan starts on May 5, so we use it to explore curiosity and understanding.

May 12 – “Curiosity and Empathy”
This lesson considers how curiosity is a form of caring. On this day, we are curious about how others are feeling. There are a lot of feelings around Mother’s Day, so UU’s listen to each other to see how each other are feeling. We celebrate today for everyone and for caring for each other.

May 19 – “Curiosity and Imagination”
In this class, we will use our curiosity to imagine a different world through science. We will explore how science and science fiction are ways in which people imagine what could be when they use their imagination. The Mars Rover is named “Curiosity!”

May 26 – “Curiosity and Humility” This lesson considers key teachings from Buddhism, especially how the “know-it-all mind” ends up not knowing it all and how to instead approach new things with the curiosity of a beginner’s mind.


“Popcorn Theology” – for Middle & High Schoolers

May 5 – “Outside the Box” Movie: “Boys Don’t Cry”
This movie is a powerful look at the transgender or gender-queer experience as it continues in many places today. The focus of this lesson is to understand that being transgender has nothing to do with sexual orientation and to consider how our society continues to oppress persons who are transgender or gender-queer. Due to the nature of this film, we will watch a shorter excerpt than usual. Watching the full movie is only recommended for older teens, young adults, and older adults.

May 12 – “Where’s the Line?” Movie: “Jurassic Park”
This session considers ethical implications of scientific advancements and explores the role that religion has in the making of policies and laws dealing with ethics.

May 19 – Coming of Age Ceremony and Bridging Ceremony
This service is a celebration of our youth at UUCB! All Middle School and High School students will attend the service in the sanctuary.

May 26 – “No Doubt” Movie: “Willow”
With the movie, “Willow”, we will consider how doubt can be an obstacle to living life with purpose. We’ll discuss how it holds us back and how we might overcome self-doubt. We’ll also consider how our UU faith can sustain us in this endeavor.


UUCB Offers Chalice Summer Camp Register Now!
June 10-14, 9 am – 3 pm.

We are excited to offer Chalice Summer Camp for children becoming 1st graders through 6th graders. We will learn about UU theology and history through games, worship, crafts and lots of fun. Justin Biegger (Mr. Gamemaster, himself) will be our Co-Director! Cost is $220 per child. Click HERE for the registration form.


UUCB is Co-Sponsoring “Sing the World Green” Middle School Music Camp
June 17-21, 9 am – 4 pm.
We’ll sing songs, play instruments, and perform skits, all about taking care of the Earth! We’ll also volunteer for two partial days on a family farm, learning how organic farming is healthy for the planet. There will be camp games, an awesome water party, karaoke, and yummy snacks. The week concludes with a meal prepared by the campers, followed by a performance of the songs and skits.
Dates: June 17-21, 9 am – 4 pm
Where: 5001 Pennsylvania Avenue, UUCB
Who: Kids entering 6th, 7th, and 8th grade next fall
Questions? Email or call (720) 387-9182 or go to
To register:


A UU Moment
Join us every Wednesday at 6:30pm for a brief, 20-minute, online worship service for all ages. Connect and unwind with your family and your faith community from the comfort of your own home. Just click on this link or paste it into your web browser:
Questions? Contact Rev. Dana Lightsey,


Soul Matters – “Soulful Home”
“Soulful Home” is a Unitarian Universalist resource for parents and families that is full of great information and activities to share with your children and youth throughout each month.
If you are interested, please sign up at:

Let Rev. Dana know if you didn’t receive your copy or if you have questions.


Strategic Initiatives Committee (Si!) Report on Religious Education at UUCB
All year, the Strategic Initiatives Committee (Si!) and Rev. Dana have been working to reimagine the best possible religious education program for UUCB.
We have worked together to gather information about current best practices based on the latest research.
Through congregational forums, we collected a significant amount of input from the congregation.
We analyzed and discussed this information and, with a new perspective and framework, we created a new plan built to better address the needs of our children, youth, families and entire congregation.
Please read our full report at:

I am excited about this new and innovative program for next year! We will feature a series of “intensives” focusing on service projects and participation in worship.
The first “intensive” we will have is Chalice Summer Camp at UUCB from June 10-14.
Here is a link for our schedule for next year:
Questions? Comments? Ideas? Contact Rev. Dana Lightsey at:


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