Family Ministry Newsletter November 2019

Trip to Pine Ridge Reservation


The Lakota people on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota have asked for our help to winterize houses. All ages are welcome!


Be sure to reserve your spot by registering at:


They are providing food and modest lodging in the basement of a community building. They have a total of 30 beds, and other groups are also signing up, so space is limited. 


We will leave Thursday, November 7, in the afternoon, and return Sunday, November 10 in the evening. Sign up asap! We hope to rent vas, depending on how many people sign up.


Transportation: We are arranging to rent vans to use for rides. Cost will be around $60 per person. You are also welcome to drive your own car. 


Food and Lodging: They are providing food and modest lodging in the basement of a community building. There are cots, separate bunk rooms for men and women, bathrooms, showers, and a kitchen/dining area.


Activities include:

  • Cutting and delivering firewood
  • Repairing homes damaged in storms (including windows, roofing, and siding)
  • Installing insulation and skirting
  • Possibly delivering much needed appliances such as refrigerators and stoves as well as burners and space heaters.
  • They can find something for everyone to do!


Register at:

We will have an informational session and orientation about our upcoming trip to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation on November 8-11, Sunday, November 3rd, at 12:15 – 1:15pm in the Emerson Room. We will share pictures from our last trip, explain more about what to expect, answer everyone’s questions, and finalize logistics.  This is an informational session, so all are welcome to come to the meeting, even if you are not able to go on the trip. Donations are still being accepted at the church. Financial donations may be received at:

Donations to Pine Ridge


Can’t come on our trip to Pine Ridge Reservation, but still want to help? We are gathering supplies at the church. Their needs include: 

  • Personal products – Toilet paper, paper towels, toiletries, feminine products
  • Food – Non-perishable items, cat and dog food, baby formula, diapers, and fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Winter Clothing – hats, gloves, and blankets
  • Large buckets – for carrying water
  • Other items (please contact church office if you wish to donate any of these items) – Space heaters, wood stoves, high quality chainsaws, heavy duty/high quality axes and wedges
  • The community of Wounded Knee is requesting mystery novels, children’s books, and Louis L’Amour books


You can also donate to help pay for repairs at:


Questions? Please contact Rev. Dana Lightsey:


Thank you for helping all of us live our values!


Looking Ahead

Community Nights:  Our next Community Night will be a Thanksgiving potluck celebration on Saturday, November 16!  Please bring your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. We will provide turkey and ham. 

Our programming will be full of all kinds of board games!  Bring your favorite games and join the fun!


UUCB Feasts, Festivities, and Fun Auction: The annual UUCB  Feasts, Festivities and Fun Auction is Saturday evening,  November 9th. Our auction is an important fundraising event for the church (and always fun), but it is also a great way to bring people together. Do you have a special talent or skill or a unique item to donate? Can you host a dinner or  kid-friendly event? You can list your auction item or browse and bid online at


The Auction is a Family Friendly event. Childcare and pizza will be provided.


This year a delicious dinner prepared by Savory Saigon is an optional part of the Auction. Please stop by the Auction table at Sunday’s coffee hour for tickets.


HEADS UP to all skiers and snowboarders. The Auction includes condos in Steamboat Springs and Granby. Before the Auction get together with your friends and be ready to bid on a fun weekend!


Please mark your calendars for December 15.  This will be a service led by our children and youth and the focus will be on immigration.

Soulful Home


“Soulful Home” is a new Unitarian Universalist resource for parents and families to use at home.  It comes out each month and is full of great information and activities to share with your children and youth.  We have purchased a subscription for the church, so it will always be accessible for free through the Parents Weekly. 


Finding Faith: Worship Immersion Experiences


Children and youth need worship services in their lives just as much as adults do.  And, they too are capable of creating meaningful and inspirational experiences for all ages.  Worship Immersion Experiences give our children and youth the opportunity to do this. We will rehearse for three Sundays and lead the worship service for all ages in the sanctuary the following Sunday.


Fall Worship Immersion Experience


11/17/2019 – Worship Immersion-Rehearse

12/1/2019 – Worship  Immersion-Rehearse – Thanksgiving Week

12/8/2019 – Worship Immersion-Rehearse

12/15/2019 – Children & Youth Presentation at Sunday Services


Baggies for the Homeless


A few weeks ago, our K-5 class prepared baggies full of supplies for homeless people. There is a box outside Rev. Dana’s office with these filled baggies. Please take one or a few to hand out to homeless people when you see them. Thank you for helping us live  our values!