Family Ministry Newsletter October, 2019

Our world today is full of issues and challenges that have their roots in white supremacy culture that have developed over many hundreds of years.  The lives of our children and youth are greatly impacted by this and will be for the rest of their lives and yet they don’t necessarily see it or understand it.  These Immersion Experiences will help them explore their feelings and develop their own sense of justice and equality through studying about issues, taking action, and reflecting on their experiences.  


Our Fall Immersion Experience will explore the development of white supremacy culture and the impact on indigeneous cultures around the world.  This project is for all our children and youth from Preschool through High School.  I hope you too become involved to gain new learning from others and maybe share some of your own wisdom along the way.


In Partnership,

Rev. Dana


Building a Better World: First Social Justice Immersion 

October Class schedule for K-12


October 6, 2019, LEARNING – We begin by learning about native people with guest speaker, Dave Ventimiglia during the 9:15 class.  Dave is from the Lakota Ride and Tipi Raisers with Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  We request that MS and HS Youth come to the early service this one time to hear Dave speak. Parents and other adults are also welcome to join us on this Sunday to learn about ways to partner with natives to help heal the historical wounds of our country and ancestors. 


October 13, 2019, TAKING ACTION – Boulder Indigenous People’s Day.  We will have regularly scheduled classes in the morning as we continue learning about the history of indigeneous cultures in the U.S.  Then, we will meet up at Boulder High School for the Boulder Indigenous People’s Day Fair at 1:00pm.   The afternoon’s events include:

  • Grand Entry
  • Dignitaries
  • Dances
  • Hand-games
  • Storytelling
  • Art Presentations
  • Art Vendors
  • Elders Q & A


Can’t attend on Sunday?  Indigenous People’s Day events are happening Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Join one of the other great events happening during the weekend. Learn more at:


October 20, 2019, REFLECTION – The FIELD TRIP to Castle Rock is canceled.  The schedule of events at the Leadership Youth Summit did not warrant a drive to Castle Rock.  We will have regular class and reflect on our experiences from the Boulder Indigenous People’s Day the previous week.   


10/27/2019 – Games and Crafts –  Preschool through grade 5!  Join us for a fun day of games and crafts!  


Middle School will begin “Crossing Paths” class and High School will begin planning their next project.


Preschool – “Soul Matters” Monthly Theme: EXPECTATION

October 6 – Learning about Native People

October 13 – Learning about Fairness – Attend Boulder Indigenous People’s Day.

October 20 – Reflecting on experiences with native people.

October 27 – Play games and make crafts.


Trip to Pine Ridge Reservation


The Lakota people on the Pine Ridge Reservation have asked for our help to winterize houses.  All ages are welcome!  


We are planning a trip on Thursday, November 7 – Sunday, November 10.  Apologies for the change of dates, but another group signed up for the last weekend of October before we did.  


Transportation:  We are arranging to rent vans to use for rides.  Cost will be around $30 per person. You are also welcome to drive your own car.


Food and Lodging:  They are providing food and modest lodging in the basement of a community building.  There are cots, separate bunk rooms for men and women, bathrooms, showers and a kitchen/dining area.


Activities include: 

  • cutting and delivering firewood, 
  • repairing homes damaged in storms (including windows, roofing and siding) 
  • installing insulation and skirting 
  • Can also involve delivering much needed appliances such as refrigerators and stoves as well as wood burners and space heaters. 
  • They can find something for everyone to do!


Sign up at:


Community Nights

Put on your costume and join us for October’s Community Night event – a Halloween Party with lots and games and prizes!  Friday, October 25 at 6:00 pm.  Bring a dish to share and beverages.  We look forward to seeing you then!  


Questions? Contact Rev Dana at


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