Family Ministry Newsletter

July 21 – Worship for All Ages: “Thresholds”

Join Rev. Dana for a fun service for all ages exploring the many thresholds of our lives.  We, as a church, are crossing another threshold into a new ministry. Let’s consider together how we want to enter this important time.


Preschool – “We are Many, We are One”

July 7 – Cooperation Means Helping Each Other

This class focuses on learning the benefits of cooperation and helping each other. 

We will play cooperative games, work together on cooperation activities, and help each other in making a cooperative poster. 


July 14 – People of All Colors Are Important

This class helps foster the awareness that people with dark skin have been treated unfairly in our country. We will develop images of a multicultural world, in which people of all races cooperate with one another and live together in harmony. 


July 21 – Worship for All Ages in the sanctuary

July 28 – Our Bodies Are Beautiful

This class will help everyone enjoy and appreciate their bodies and become more aware of their bodies through the use of their senses. 


K-5 Grades – “Summer of Service”


July 7 – Unitarian History

This class features a play about Unitarian History and how early Unitarians held different beliefs than the dominant beliefs of Calvinism.  We will discuss our own beliefs, where our beliefs come from, how we might challenge our own beliefs, and the importance of respecting others beliefs.

July 14 – Universalist History

We feature a play about Universalist History this week.  We will learn about John Murray and the early Universalist message of salvation for all from a loving God.  This will expand our discussion from the previous week to include modern Universalist concepts of care and respect for all living things and creating heaven here and now in the present moment.


July 21 – Worship for All Ages in the sanctuary

July 28 – Service Project: Fair Trade Chocolate

This week, we are back to exploring service to others. How can we help make the world a better place? One way is to support Fair Trade Chocolate.  We think of how good chocolate tastes, we might assume that the people who grow the cocoa beans for chocolate are really lucky to grow such yummy food. But in fact, some of them can’t make enough money to buy food for their families. We think that something that tastes so good, should also be FOR the good, and the farmers should be treated fairly.


Middle & High School – “Virtue Ethics”


July 7 – Respect

This class focuses on respect. Respect, like several other virtues, goes both ways: One should respect others, and one must respect oneself. This virtue is embedded in our first Unitarian Universalist Principle, the inherent worth and dignity of each person.  Come be a part of this great conversation!


July 14 – Responsibility

This class asks youth to identify responsibilities they already fulfill helping them gain confidence about handling future responsibilities. The story and activities ask participants to articulate how they are responsible not only for themselves and their families, but also for other people and all life that shares our planet.


July 21 – Worship for All Ages in the sanctuary

July 28 – Compassion

This class brings scientific information, religious exploration, and, of course, opportunities for youth to share from their personal experiences with the virtue of compassion. When it comes to compassion, knowing where to draw the line can be difficult. 


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