Food Drive to Support Pine Ridge Reservation

UUCB’s partnership with Tipi Raisers, to support the people of the Pine Ridge Reservation, is going strong.  We’ve had four successful trips to the Pine Ridge Reservation since November 2019, providing a total of 218 volunteer person-days (!!).  All of these trips have been incredibly meaningful with good work (physical and non-physical), connecting with our Lakota friends, great meals together, learning about the Lakota culture, visiting important sites, sweat lodges, and deeply moving sharing in circles at the beginning and end of each day.  Volunteer activities have included wood cutting, home repairs and construction, food sorting and delivery, holiday gift sorting and delivery, and more.  All of these trips were accompanied by a food drive organized by the UU Church of Boulder.

To lower the threshold of effort for those who want to support the Pine Ridge and Hopi Reservations, Tipi Raisers has established a volunteer work hub in the Denver area, where we can cut wood and sort food that will be taken to Pine Ridge, working side by side with Lakota friends visiting from Pine Ridge.  Our next event is on Saturday, October 29.  We have just a few slots left to volunteer.  If you’re interested in this event, or these closer one day events in general, or multi-day volunteer trips to Pine Ridge or the Hopi Reservation, please contact Ed Self at


Food Drive – By October 27

In preparation for our volunteer day on October 29, we are gathering donations of food and supplies up through October 27.  You can bring these by the church during office hours (M-Th, 1-6pm).  Outside of those hours, you can leave your items in the barrel outside the front door.



Non-Perishable Food:  Spaghetti/Pasta and sauce, Peanut Butter, Jam/Jelly, Soup, Mac and Cheese, Chili, Spam, Canned Vegetables, Cooking oil, Flour, Yeast, Sugar, Powdered or boxed Milk, Rice, Mashed Potatoes

Perishable Food (bring only on Oct 26-27, 1-6pm):  Eggs, Fresh Fruit and Veggies, Bison Meat, Sandwich meat

Health and Hygiene: Baby Wipes, Diapers, Dish Soap, Laundry Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Tampons/Pads