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Screenshot (31)Thanks to his careful record keeping, our congregation is blessed with very complete records from 1957 -1962 when THOMAS MALONEY was the minister of what was then called the Unitarian Fellowship of Boulder.  

The bi-weekly newsletter of the Fellowship at this time was called The Boulder Unitarian and Rev. Maloney was its editor for most of his tenure here.  He wrote a much beloved column, under the heading of the Wee Liberals Marching and Chowder Society (membership: his two dogs, a Noble Redman, and Parson Tom) in which he poked fun “of people who are so often accused of taking themselves too seriously.”  Tidbits from the January 1958 newsletters (called “Bulletins”) follow:

** The January 16, 1958 issue of the Boulder Unitarian was printed for the first time on a copy machine rather than being mimeographed in “passionate purple” ink.  This issue also included for the first time the tagline  “Freedom, Reason and Tolerance.”

** There were two Sunday night Forums in January, 1958 both on SANE NUCLEAR POLICY.  Also two Women’s Alliance meetings – a Tuesday morning one which reviewed and discussed the works of Unitarian A. Powell Davies, and a Wednesday evening one which asked ladies to “bring your ideas, thoughts, attitudes, etc. on Unitarian religion.”  Because “the women shame us with their activities,” men in the Fellowship were being asked if they would like to start a “men’s group that presents programs important to religious liberals, with our wealth of Boulder speakers to draw on.”


 8:45am  Uniteens – Junior High Group, Fellowship House

10:45am  Church School at Fellowship House, 2227 16th Street

11:00am  Sunday Service, Physicians Building, 3rd floor auditorium

       14th &Spruce. Nursery care for young children provided.

         7:30pm   FORUM, Howard Gruber, Fellowship House
Not only do we have copies of all of Tom Maloney’s sermons, we also have his handwritten outlines for many of them.  Below is a picture of his outline for January 5th – MOUNTAINS AND MOLEHILLS which he described as “a consideration of the importance of a sense of proportion and of significance in this New Year.”

Screenshot (32)