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From its earliest days our congregation has sponsored and/or rented space to local schools, almost all of which have been for pre-school aged children.  MY LITTLE MOUNTAIN, which we welcome this summer, is the most recent. The following article focuses on the very first school, the BOULDER COOPERATIVE NURSERY, which shared our space from 1950-63 and again from 1964-1981.  Archives would love to have any information, stories or pictures you may have about any of the other schools that we have listed in the articles.

My Little Mountain is the most recent in a long list of schools that have been associated with UUCB. From its earliest days our congregation has sponsored or rented space to schools, almost exclusively for early childhood.

The first, Boulder Cooperative Nursery, was started in 1950 by several Unitarian mothers who had also started the congregation’s Religious Education (RE) Program. Lenore Stewart, one of the first RE Coordinators, was especially involved. The school, initially a Unitarian Fellowship activity, hired a professional teacher, met three days a week at Fellowship House and paid $15 /month in rent to the congregation.  After Fellowship House was condemned by the city of Boulder in the early 1960’s (?), the school rented space in a house north of town. The church added space in the new RE wing on Pennsylvania to accommodate them in 1964 and they remained there until the co-op disbanded in 1981. Jo Thompson, who had taught at the Cooperative Nursery for one year (1957-1958) when she and her husband first moved to Boulder, was an active parent and Board member there when her children were small in the 1960’s.  She returned to teach at the school in 1970, and with fellow teacher Ruth Andrade, taught the two classes (3-year-olds and 4-year olds) from 1970-1981 when the school disbanded due to a lack of of parent volunteers.

The church began to depend on rental income from the schools that followed the Boulder Cooperative Nursery School. There was always an effort to find a school compatible with our UU values.

The following is a list of all the schools we have been able to document as having rented space in our building. Our Archives would love to have any information, stories, or pictures you may have about any of the schools listed.

1950 -1963; 1964-1981    Boulder Cooperative Nursery School

1981 – 1990 Our School Preschool

1990 – 1998 The School

2000 – 2002 Sage School

2002 – 2003 The Living School

2003 – 2006 Heartsong School & Indigo Heights School

2006 – 2008 Eastern Sun

2008 – 2017 Active Boulder Kids

2018 – My Little Mountain