High School Youth Group

Our High School Youth Group is a place for spiritual exploration, support and guidance during late adolescence. Our youth advisors are dedicated to creating an engaging, fun and safe space where teens are comfortable sharing deeply about their lives, and are empowered to join in planning events and setting the spiritual direction for the group. We also encourage teens to become more involved in their congregation and community, and prepare them to “bridge” into young adulthood.

The High School Youth Group will meet twice a month Sunday in the afternoon/evening. Check the Church Events Page for updates.

Teens also have many opportunities to engage with UU youth in the larger community and region. All high school youth have the opportunity to attend regional youth conferences (“cons”) several times each year. These are typically weekend-long events, organized and run by youth in partnership with adult leaders, that include workshops, worship, games and activities, and the chance to make deep and lasting connections with other UU youth.