Holidays at UUCB

in the month of December, we have a number of special celebrations to mark, in relation to the holidays. One that I believe has not been focused on before at UUCB, but is increasingly common in many Unitarian Universalist congregations in recent years, is the celebration of Advent. These four Sundays leading up to Christmas Day historically have been a season of quiet anticipation for the coming of something new into our world. We have set up an advent wreath in our sanctuary, and will be lighting it every Sunday morning until Christmas. 

     We also, like in years past, have several special services this month. We also have, like in years past, several special services this month. On the late afternoon of Dec. 8, starting at 4 PM, we will have our holiday healing service, much as we did last year. This will be a time of quiet reflection and ritual, four those of us who struggle in these holiday times, beer with grief, sadness, or in other ways. Our Solstice service will be at 7 PM on Friday, Dec. 20, and done in conjunction with the Dances for Universal Peace group that meets at our church. And we will once again have two services on December 24, this year on a Tuesday evening, the times will be slightly different than previous years, to allow for participation by some otherwise could not attend. The first service, a family oriented service for all ages, will again start at 4:30 PM, with the second service – more contemplative in tone, but still with lots of caroling – to begin at 7:30 PM


Worship Review – Back in September, we implemented some changes to our order of service for Sunday worship. Now that we’ve had a couple months to try the new format out, I’m interested to hear your feedback on what has been good about the changes, and what was good about the old ways as well. we will have two opportunities for feedback: following the second service on Dec. 8, and the following Thursday evening, Dec. 12, starting at 6:30 PM. I do not expect the sessions to take any more than an hour, but if you have positive feedback and/or constructive critique, please feel free to attend one of these gatherings. 


Community Hours – Due to a schedule conflict on Dec. 18 – and, of course, Xmas Day on Dec. 25 – I will hold Community Hours twice in December, on Wednesdays from Noon – 4 PM at these locations:

Dec. 4Louisville (Bittersweet, 836 Main St.) 

Dec. 11Longmont Downtown (Ziggi’s, 400 Main St.)