In the Interim

“Soul Starter” videosI’m starting something new this month. It relates to something I fear I’ve not explained well. I’ve spoken, in a couple recent gatherings, about the feelings expressed by some here of burnout, and the concern by others that the church has felt stretched too thin. I have summarized my recommended response to this with the phrase, “Do less,” and letting some of our activities “lie fallow” for a time. But this does NOT mean giving up on accomplishing things together as a church. My hope for UUCB is that our members feel fed, spiritually and emotionally, by their connections with our church. The goal is to do the work that we do engage with the depth of intention and engagement that adds richness and meaning to our lives. It’s about going deeper (and less wide) for a while, to strengthen and empower us to go wider again later.


So I’m working with our staff to find new ways of feeding our spirits. One thing I’ll be trying, starting this month, is to offer a brief time of what I hope will be spiritual nourishment, that members can engage at their leisure. I’m doing a video each month, posted online, which I’ll include in each Clear Light Messenger. It will be a spiritual reflection on the theme for that month, drawn from the Soul Matters program our church participates in. They will be brief, about 5 minutes each. I’m calling them “Soul Starter” videos, in hopes they might help some of us start our month with a moment of intention and discernment, that might help us reflect on our lives in a slightly different way going forward. The first one, on our November Soul Matters theme of Attention, is available here:

         Also, I encourage each of you now, to start considering a way to feed your spirits in the new year. Some of you currently are engaged with one of our Covenant Groups. We will start a new round of these groups after the holidays, meeting together twice a month for 3-4 months. Joining with one of these groups can be a deeply enriching, even transformative experience. I encourage you now, whether or not you’ve been in one of these groups before, to consider signing up for one this winter. Frankly, I’d encourage people to do this even if it means you need to let go for a few months of something else you do for the church, that has not been sustaining you. More information will be available later this fall.


The Legacy of UUCB – Just a reminder: On Saturday, Nov. 2, 9 AM – 1 PM, I will facilitate an all-church, interactive workshop facilitated to explore our understandings of UUCB’s history, and their impact on our church today. Lunch & childcare will be provided, as will lunch; we’ll have some food, but we invite you to bring a potluck dish to supplement. I know not all of you can be there, but I hope many of you can.


Visitor from UU Service Committee – We will be pleased to welcome a special guest to UUCB, the weekend of Nov. 16-17. Rev. Kathleen McTigue is Director of Activism and Justice Education for the UU Service Committee, which works nationally and internationally to advance human rights. They also have supported our congregations hosting people in sanctuary. Rev. McTigue will be with us the third weekend of November, and will guest preach on the 17th. She also will lead a workshop on spiritual and meditative practices that can sustain us in working for social justice. This will begin at 9 AM on Saturday, Nov. 16 here at the church. We hope you can join us.


Community Hours in November – In November, I am shifting slightly my community hours – this month, they will be Wednesdays from Noon – 4 PM at these locations:

Nov. 6Louisville (Bittersweet, 836 Main St.) 

Nov. 13South Boulder (Caffè Sole, 637 S. Broadway)

Nov. 20Longmont Downtown (Ziggi’s, 400 Main St.) 

Nov. 27 – NONE (preparing for Thanksgiving holiday)