Interim Minister Announced

Last month, the Board five members of the Interim Search Committee find the best interim minister out there to come work with us for the next two years.


On April 29th, the Committee received 8 names from the UUA. We reviewed all of the applications, interviewed 6 of the candidates, and narrowed the field to 4. On May 12th, we sent those names to the UUA, ranked from 1-4, in our order of preference.


The Committee is thrilled to announce that our #1 choice agreed to come to UUCB! The Interim minister who will be  joining us this summer is Rev. Eric Posa.


Rev. Posa is an Accredited Interim Minister and has completed five interim ministries in the last ten years. People describe him as “a consummate professional,” “great at pastoral care,” and “very calm.” Currently, he is working with the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation, in Olympia, Washington. We were quite impressed with his experience and his demeanor, and are very excited that he has accepted our offer.


Rev. Posa and his wife Suzi will arrive in Colorado in July.


For more information on Rev. Posa take a look at his website found here!