For June 2019 UUCB will Share Our Plate with Attention Homes!

Attention Homes provides safety, housing, and supportive services to youth facing homelessness. We offer a continuum of care to young people ages 12-24 including meeting basic needs, employment assistance, education support, family coaching, counseling and goal management, mental and physical health support, and more. In our 53 year history, Attention Homes has served over 11,500 individuals. And by ensuring that every instance of youth homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring, we are taking significant steps towards building a better future for the young people living in our community.

Program Participant Stories/Letters:

“Thanks and thanks again…you changed my life. I’ve never met incredible people like you. You gave me compliments I never heard before and set challenging goals with me that you knew I could handle. Thank you for reminding me of how intelligent I am, how I can do anything I set my mind to, and how I’m not alone in this world (I have my mom here with me now). It’s really going to be hard to be away from Attention Homes, but I’m leaving satisfied. I can’t put into words how grateful I am.” – Excerpt from a letter we received once this young person left our emergency shelter.

“I spent time as a teenager in [Attention Homes’] residential facility in the 1990s and am writing to thank you. Though I faced significant challenges (challenges my sister Rose did not survive), I have gone on to succeed in life and was recently honored as the 2017 Alaska Teacher of the Year. I wanted to let you know that YOU are the reason for my success and so many other of your past, present, and future residents’ lives. My time there was the first time I ever, in my entire life, had adult allies. I gained a larger understanding that not all adults cause harm, that there are good people in the world, and that I, someday, wanted to become one.” – Email we received this past year from a former resident.

Stephen joined the Attention Homes GED class at the end of September 2018 and has been consistently working hard to reach his goal of passing all tests and earning his diploma. He has continued to put in the hours to gain the skills and learn the curriculum needed to obtain his GED. However, taking the tests has proven to have its own struggles, from computer problems at the testing center to scheduling mishaps. Through these challenging circumstances outside of his control, Stephen always remained focused on the end result and would return to practice another test to keep his skills sharp. Stephen’s perseverance paid off immensely on February 5, 2019 when he passed his first GED test – Language Arts (one of the more challenging of the tests). Now we are working on the math test with Stephen, and as before, he continues to ask a lot of thoughtful questions and take responsibility for his learning. We are looking forward to his ongoing success in the future!

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