Justice Work at UUCB

Justice Work at UUCB

Justice work at UUCB is inspired by the belief of Unitarian Universalists that every person is sacred and that there is an interdependent web of all existence. When one part of the web is torn or injured, all other parts are injured, and the web needs to be restored. This inspires us to work towards more justice in our world.

Our faith-based approach to enacting justice is based on restoring right relationships with people and the earth.

We also hold that faith-based justice work is more than obtaining and sharing information. It is about transformation. To transform the world, we ourselves need to be transformed — and that is an ongoing process we do together at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder. We use an action-reflection model where we share spiritual practices, stories about the actions we’ve taken, and how our faith can sustain us in the ongoing work.

UUCB has a Justice Council comprised of justice ministry team leaders. This group meets quarterly and reviews all requests for new justice ministries to ensure a good fit with our church’s values and mission.

We invite you to enact justice. In the process, you will transform yourself as you transform the world.