A Letter from the Board of Trustees

Dear UUCB Members and Friends:


UUCB is incredibly fortunate to have had Rev. Kelly as our settled minister for the last four years. Kelly is truly gifted in so many areas: spiritual leadership, interpersonal skills, pastoral care, and church management, to name just a few. She has freely shared these many gifts with all of us and has helped UUCB to thrive. On a personal level, we have come to love Kelly and she has loved us in return.


As UUs, we are all in the midst of a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning,” a search that can lead us down many paths. Sometimes we walk together on that path and sometimes we need to part ways so we can pursue the path that is right for us. Early this week, Rev. Kelly informed the Board that she has reached such a point in her own calling, and the Board accepted her resignation with great sadness.  We will greatly miss Kelly as she pursues her new path, but we are also pleased that Kelly has the strength and courage to follow her heart and her spirit. In doing so, she is leaving UUCB in a place where we can continue to live our mission and priorities.


From the day she started at UUCB, Kelly emphasized that the church’s elected Board of Trustees, not the minister, is responsible for leadership. As a result, the Board’s direction and focus will remain the same because our mission remains the same. We look forward to a transition that will continue our strong momentum and presence in the community.


As required by our bylaws, the Church will hold a special congregational meeting on Sunday, March 31 at 12:15 p.m. where we will vote on whether to seek an interim minister to serve our Church while we begin the process of searching for and calling a new settled minister. Interim ministers are specially trained to help with just  this type of transition. Should the Church vote to seek an interim, we expect that we will have an excellent minister in place by the end of June.


We recognize that change is hard, and many of us will experience feelings of loss and grief as a result of Kelly’s impending departure.  The Board is right there with you, but we also know that this ending is also a beginning, and UUCB will ultimately be stronger as a result.




UUCB Board of Trustees (Toni, David, Diana, Chris, Laura, Will, Burton).