My Little Mountain Preschool

On August 1, My Little Mountain Preschool (MLM) will open its doors to new students – infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  We will be sharing our space with them, and we hope you’ll get a chance to welcome them warmly. The owners are Emma and Miguel Bellera.  We have worked with them to create a set of Mutual Understandings, and we share those with you here. This is a living document and may change. You can always find the most recent version on the bulletin board nearest the church office door. We are excited about this relationship and the opportunities (financial and beyond) that it provides to UUCB.  
Submitted by the Building Use Committee:  Burton Lee, Sue Masterson and Bill Walters

Mutual Understandings

Between My Little Mountain (MLM)  and UUCB

Updated July 19, 2018


Room Use: My Little Mountain has exclusive use of Rooms 8 and 10, and they shall remain locked at all times when not in use.


Room Decor. In Rooms #6 and #9, there shall be a bulletin board dedicated for UUCB use that remains decorated during the week and cupboards labeled “UUCB” for supplies/items used on Sundays. The Licensing Department of Colorado requires no tacks be used on bulletin boards, and no standing lamps or fans allowed in any room used by MLM.


UUCB Building Use During School Hours. UUCB staff members and church members may use rooms not included in MLM’s use during school hours but must wait until there are no MLM children in the bathroom or hallway before entering the hallway. Any other visitors may only enter the space during school hours if they present an ID and sign the Visitors’ Log in the MLM Office


Daily Tidiness. MLM is responsible for the daily, Monday- Friday, cleaning of Premises. This includes but is not limited to taking out the trash and cleaning floors. On Fridays, MLM is responsible for putting away all items into storage areas. MLM will recycle all recyclable trash and refrain from placing recyclable items in UUCB trash bin. MLM is encouraged to compost using UUCBs Eco-Cycle compost bin, following the guidelines posted.


MLM shall be responsible for leaving Rooms #6, 7, and 9 and Playground ready for use by UUCB every evening which means all toys and supplies shall be picked up and stored in a way that in no way interferes with UUCB activities.


UUCB will leave rooms as they found them after every use. That includes looking in every open cabinet to ensure there is no food or waste left there.


Confidential Information: MLM shall keep any of its confidential information locked in file cabinets in Room 8.


Changing Table: Except for during School Hours, UUCB may use the changing table in Room 9.


Furniture: MLM shall provide all of its own furnishings except for one table in Room 6, and the table chairs and couch in Room 7.  


Kitchen Use:  The Kitchen may be used for special events only by arrangement with the UUCB Office Administrator. No items may be stored in the kitchen or refrigerator on an ongoing basis. When finished using the kitchen, it must be restored to its pre-used condition.


Sky Room: On inclement weather days, MLM may use the Sky Room during School Hours on a space available basis at no charge, only by arranging with the UUCB Office Administrator.


Non-School Hours: MLM, upon prior written approval by the UUCB Office Administrator may rent the Sky Room, Earth Room, Kitchen and/or Premises, on a space available basis and following normal UUCB Rental Policies and procedures at a 50% discount from the full published rate.