Love Notes: To You I Give

“From you I receive, to you I give. Together we share, and from this we live.” Number 402 in our grey hymnal – Singing the Living Tradition.


These words describe so simply how we help each other transform.


Last month we focused on the first phrase, “From you I receive.” During worship on March 5,  many of you answered the questions: What did you need when you came to UUCB? What did you receive? You can see the answers here or pick up a copy in the church office. (Thanks to two members who offered to type these up – all nine pages of them!)


Our lives are being changed because we give to one another and stay open enough to receive. I believe that is the true purpose of our church: to transform so that we can help transform the world.  We experience a metamorphosis that takes us to our next stage of life and beauty.  


Our grandson was visiting from New York last month, and we took him to the Butterfly Pavilion in Broomfield. He chased the butterflies and shrieked as they got near him. (He had not listened to my sermon about how the soul is shy like a wild animal and requires stillness in order to be seen or heard. And sure enough, no butterflies landed on him.) But he loved the experience, especially the gift shop. There we found a kit that showed the stages of a butterfly.      


Egg – A butterfly starts its life as an egg.

Larva – The larva (caterpillar) hatches from an egg and eats leaves or flowers almost constantly. Pupa – It turns into a pupa (chrysalis); this is a resting stage.

Adult – A beautiful, flying adult emerges. This adult will continue the cycle and reproduce.


Together we recited the cycle over and over.


And so it is with us – cycles of rest and action, receiving and giving, transforming and being transformed. All producing more life and more beauty.


This month we will explore giving. To you I give. Together we share and from this we live.


Much love to each of you,

Rev. Kelly


PS – Books that I mention in sermons can be found by clicking here.