Love Notes: Love Gets Everywhere

My husband, Pete, told me a story about how a house he lived in caught on fire. The fire started in one corner of the basement near the furnace, and it spread quickly up to the next floor. Thankfully, it was contained and no one was hurt. He and his family had to move out while the house was repaired; new drywall, paint and carpet had to be installed in the basement and on the first floor. No serious damage was done on the second floor where the bedrooms were. Months later, after they were moved back in, he was packing for a trip. He went into the bathroom on the second floor, opened the medicine cabinet, pulled out his “travel toothbrush” which was inside a plastic travel case. He removed the toothbrush from its case, and on the bristles he found soot. Soot from the fire that had burned at the opposite end of the house two floors below was on his toothbrush.


Soot gets everywhere. It floats up stairs. It gets through medicine cabinet doors and plastic containers.


Our Universalist ancestors said that love is like this. Love gets everywhere. They felt it and named it as God’s love. My friend and colleague, Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd says that Universalism can be summarized in three words: You are loved.  Olympia Brown, Universalist minister, stood up to ridicule to proclaim that love is for all people. It gets everywhere. I hope you are feeling it.


Rev. Kelly


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