Love Notes: “Desire for Growth”

This month our theme is Desire. The definition of the word is: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Synonyms are: wish, lust, passion; to long for, to yearn for, to crave.

Buddhists say that desire can lead to greed and attachment, and both of those can result in suffering and even evil. But we also know that growth and change do not happen without desire.

Rev. Richard Gilbert is the Unitarian Universalist minister who developed Building Your Own Theology. We are using Volume 2 right now in Adult Religious Education. The very last exercise in the book is a spiritual check-up which helps us focus on what we can desire to become as Unitarian Universalists. I wrote this piece using the elements of the check-up:

  • Let us become a people who desire a healthy sense of humor about ourselves and the contradictions, paradoxes, and oxymorons of life.
  • Let us become a people who desire the ability to deal with the inevitable suffering of life; a people who desire to manifest our spirituality in the world so that people take inspiration from who and what we are.
  • Let us become a people who desire to have our faith overflow into service; a people who desire to a spirituality that lifts us and our lives into larger frameworks of meaning so that we see our lives as worthy projects.
  • Let us be a people who desire to celebrate life.
  • Which of these do you need to develop or renew in your life? I invite you to long for, yearn for, and wish for growth in yourself.

One way I plan to grow is by travelling to Seville Spain to visit my daughter, Meghann, who is studying there this semester. My mom and I will travel to together from February 10 – 18. I hope to deepen my spirituality and lift myself into a larger framework of meaning as I travel to a land with a rich and diverse religious history. And together, three generations of women will certainly celebrate life.

If you have any pastoral care needs while I’m away, Rev. Barbara Molfese will be available along with Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry from the Boulder Valley UU Fellowship. As always, our Caring Ministry Team is available. Contact the church office if you need support from any of them.

Love, Rev. Kelly