Love Notes: What Should We Do?

I am amazed at how many decisions get made on a weekly basis at our church. Large and small, decisions are made by teams of committed volunteers so that our church can live its mission. In October, a decision will be made, and the processes will involve more than just a few people or a few teams. It will involve the whole congregation. Will we  provide physical shelter to individuals under immediate threat of deportation? Will we become a Sanctuary Host Church?


The UUCB Sanctuary Now Ministry Team will lead the process, providing lots of detailed information and many opportunities to get your questions answered and your input heard. Their role is not to convince you, it is to lead a process. You can refer to their newsletter article for more information about that process.


This article is about the role I will play in this decision.


You may know that I have been involved in immigration reform for over seven years now, wearing my clergy collar and using my religious voice to promote our Unitarian Universalist First Principle: the inherent worth and dignity of all people. Currently, I am the clergy leader of the Boulder/Lafayette/Louisville chapter of the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition. That means that I organize monthly meetings of ten multifaith congregations and other community partners who are building a local coalition to provide Sanctuary to those who ask for it. I will continue in that leadership role.


I did not initiate the idea of UUCB being a host site; that suggestion rose up out of the Immigration Ministry Team who has been working for years to companion Boulder immigrants and discern the church’s role in immigration reform.


My role over the next three months will be to support the discernment process and  honor the decision the congregation makes. My role is to be your minister regardless of your decision or opinion about Sanctuary.


The unofficial theme this month is discernment. What a great opportunity we have to consider how we make decisions about our lives. When you are facing a juncture in your life, a period of transition, or an important decision, how do you discern what to do next? Do you search for an answer by weighing out all your choices in a reasoned, rational way? Do you try to feel your way through it, seeking a gut sense of rightness? What is your “true north,” your spiritual center, and does it guide you in discernment?


How do you decide what to do next? Let’s explore that question in the month ahead. As we consider it for our personal lives, we prepare to make group decisions with intention.  


I am so grateful to be your minister.

Much love to each of you,

Rev. Kelly


PS – Books that I mention in sermons can be found by clicking here.