Love Notes: “What is Your Theme?”

Love Notes: “What is Your Theme?” by Rev. Kelly Dignan

During the months of July and August, we do not have a monthly ministry theme, and I must admit I miss it. I miss having a focal point, a topic we think about together in worship, meetings, and at home. We explored so much last church year with these 2015-16 themes:

September: Invitation

October: Letting Go

November: Ancestry

December: Expectation

January: Resistance

February: Desire

March: Liberation

April: Creation

May: Blessing

June: Simplicity

I wonder which ones created the most challenge for you personally and led you to change? Which comforted you? Which have you taken into the world?

And what about this summer? Has a new theme emerged for you? I know some of you have adopted Simplicity as a theme for the whole summer. How are you applying a theme in your life?

If you would like, email me with your reflections on these questions. My address is

The themes come from a program called Soul Matters which is a group of over 190 Unitarian Universalist congregations who have formed a learning community. The 2016-17 themes are:

September: Covenant

October: Healing

November: Story

December: Presence

January: Prophecy


March: Risk


May :Embodiment

June :Zest

I wonder how these will guide us through the tension that is inherent in every election season, the racial issues that are alive in our country and world, and all the daily suffering we experience in our individual lives. As always, I look forward to being with you on the search for meaning. And as always, I love you.

Love, Rev. Kelly