Make a pledge to the Annual Stewardship Campaign, Growing a Garden of Love

Every pledge plays a decisive role in our ability to fulfill our mission. Pledging allows your contribution to count when we budget for the next financial year (July 1 to June 30). We encourage you to pledge as soon as you are prepared to make a commitment, and then to pledge each successive year during the Stewardship Campaign. Your pledge can be paid in installments during the financial year or in a lump sum. Email the Congregational Life Director at with any questions.

Why Pledge?

If you find the community and programming at UUCB valuable, please consider making this commitment to the church. Not only church “members” pledge! As a non-profit organization, it is vital that we receive support from our community as a whole.

Our annual fiscal year is July 1 through June 30. The annual budget is built based on pledge commitments for that time period.  There are a few other sources of income (building use fees, special fundraisers), but 80% of our income comes from pledges.  

Pledging is required for Members. If you have pledged before, and it is easy to imagine, consider moving up a commitment level from where you were last year.

*If you are unable to pledge financially right now but want to become a member or retain membership, our Treasurer (at to become a part of our waiver program.