Members and Friends of UUCB,

As you already know, Beth Elliot, Director of Congregational life,

completed her time serving this community last week. In the short time I

have known Beth I was struck deeply by her big heart and energetic

spirit. It is obvious why she quickly came to be loved and respected by

this community, and why she will be so missed. In my conversations with

Beth, the leadership, and members of this congregation, I observed that

although she is just embarking officially on her Seminary journey now,

she was very much holding the role of Minister already in her time here.


For this reason, I asked Beth to honor the Ministerial process of leave

taking, which is intentionally created to help everyone move through

this transition of relationship in the most healthy manner. For this

reason Beth will be making space between herself and the members and

friends of UUCB, for the next two years. I am sure many of you are used

to this painful yet necessary process of leave taking with a Minister.

For those to whom it is new or surprising, feel free to check in with me

and I would be happy to speak with you about it more.


Yours in service,

Rev. Jeremy D. Nickel