Membership Matters by Barb Richards

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Judy Furtney who is back at Church and recovering nicely from hip surgery.  Bev Sears and her daughter-in-law, Cheri Sears, as she undergoes cancer therapy. Jennifer Skiendzielewski on the death last month, of her Uncle.  Last month Diana McLean, our former intern and summer minister (2014-2015) broke her ankle in three places while hiking with son Aiden. To the Howell family as Peter lost his mother, May Howell, age 94 last month.  Shari Storm died last month after a valiant fight from cancer.  We are holding Steve, Sean, Shane & Samantha in our hearts. Speedy recovery to Bill Belew who had shoulder surgery last month.  Adrienne & Jim Hester thank everyone for their love and concern.  They do ask if people would call before visiting as they are overwhelmed with visitors.  Shirley Bulla is home from a short hospital stay.  Visitors would be great, but please call first.  Sunni Eckhardt is in rehab after suffering several falls last month.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Suzy Belmont & Neil DiMuccio, who shared the joy that they welcomed a new member to their family, Maple, their new kitten.  Gratitude and joy for all the “clean” around UUCB after the work day in October.  My oversight missed thanking Alex Mazzola who helped clean up coffee the last two Sunday’s before he moved to WA state.  Do to a bit of a mix-up last month, Ellen Lilley set-up and made coffee, and then she, Reed Bailey, and Kai Monk-McKenzie cleaned up. You are so appreciated along with Kyle Ciesla who has signed on to regularly do the clean-up as well. Unfortunately, he has had his own heath issues, but is getting better.  If everyone even did it once a year it would not be a burden to anyone!

Last month Whitney Wheeless was working in Bueonos Aires, Argentina, — when she finished, Jim Rowe met her in Rio de Janero for some beach time.  On Sunday, November 15 our sister Church in Fort Collins voted to call the Rev. Gretchen Haley as their Senior Minister.  Gretchen was our first Ministerial Intern after Rev. Howell Lind arrived, and we wish her “all good speed”.  I received a beautiful artistic story from Nicole deLormier telling about her trip to Cuba with the Boulder Sister Cities group.  She is now in Florida until after the holidays!

Special Welcome to: our newest members Kyle Ciesla and Catherine Marsh — thanks for joining us on our journey.

Random Thoughts:  As Fred, and I are still living in the dark ages and are not on Facebook, we appreciate when you share with Kendall.  That way, we are still kept in the loop on “What’s happening now!”

We have among us an incredible cook who makes tamales, burritos and flan for a set donation which you might like to know about and enjoy.  If so please ask me or Fred for more information.

May your holiday season through January 2016 be all that you dream of, but besides surrounding you in love as you may travel — please return safely to here, to our spiritual home.

With Love & Care, Barb