Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Pete & Kelly Dignan, and their extended family, on the death of Pete’s father, in late October.  Toni Piwonka-Corle’s Mom, Martha had a serious fall while the two of them were vacationing in Spain. Initial surgery and treatment were there, but her mother is now back home, and recovering.  The family of Harry Albert, a known Boulder UU, and visitor to UUCB, who died October 28th after a determined life of 80 years.  From Henry Kroll, “…he was at home in hospice care surrounded by four sons and loved ones as cancer took his body.  Harry was active for several years with interfaith men’s support for caregivers”.  Our good thoughts and love are with the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.  When will this insanity stop?  To Art Rich who was hospitalized, but recovered enough to be in church on Sunday, November 19th.  We were glad to see him.  Speedy recovery to Bill Kalafus who had a knee replacement surgery.  You have joined, Fred, John Behrendt, and others as an a associate member of the “Socket Sisters”!  Ask me about this (its sort of an “in” joke). Caitlin Moore whose dad is in the hospital in Cleveland, OH.  She had just returned from visiting him last month, before receiving this news.


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  From the Sanctuary Coalition we may have a guest in early December.  Good news from Rev. Beckett Coppola — she is loving her experiences with her new congregation in Windsor, Ontario.  To Dave Pitts, whose daughter, Jennifer, was married November 11th, in Colorado Springs.  On November 12th we honored all Veterans, and we are grateful for your service.  To Carrol Kalafus and Catherine Marsh who cleaned out the stove in our kitchen — which has been likened to “the elephant in that room!” Aaron Norris, who was ordained by First Universalist, Denver on Nov 19th.  Rev. Barbara Molfese who just left for Holden, MA, to celebrate her Aunt Anna Erickson’s 99th birthday!  May that gene pool continue with Barbara.


Random Thoughts:  Last month I ended up with a urinary, bacterial, infection which for most women, is usually tolerable, and treatable.  For me, I have a history of developing sepsis, which you don’t want!  Once back in 2001, and again last October this has happened to me.  The first time, I was comatose for five days and could have died.  Last year, only three days in the hospital.  This time I dodged a bullet as I received a “horse shot” of antibiotic, in the doctor’s office, followed by “horse pills” for seven days.  The cure has been almost worst than the incident.  A little more wobbly and goofier than usual.  I’m recovering as of this writing with plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  I am asking all of you to “pay attention” to your symptoms, and seek earlier treatment, should this happen to you.


Recently, I reached out to our friend, Stan Garnett, Boulder County DA regarding our discernment and final vote on sanctuary.  He was with us when we started our Immigration Ministry, about seven years ago, and part of an open Forum we presented here at UUCB.  I sent him the final results of our vote, and here is his response.  “Yes, really great!  Makes me proud to be a Boulderite.  Let me know how I can help.  Stan”  Typed by the man himself.


Here’s to all of YOU & YOURS for a safe, enjoyable holiday season with much to come in 2018.  Can it be even more exciting than 2017 has been for our church?  Save some energy for the New Year!


With Love & Care, Barb