Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors


Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Margaret Gelatt who is recovering from her fall and has moved to the Meridian, where Adrienne Hester also resides and who has welcomed her warmly.  Matt Ball had shoulder surgery on December 18th, and has already returned to church, and is recovering well.  Melecio Andazola Morales and his family.  Melecio had been living in the United States since 1998 and without notice to his family; or to his attorneys — was deported on December 15th — leaving behind his wife and four children.  Hilton Fitt-Peaster slipped and fell on black ice during the holidays breaking some ribs, his nose, and his wrist which required surgery.  He has been told to expect at least eight weeks of recovery time.  He and Margaret, have both returned to church and we are glad.  On January 14th, at the first service we were sending loving, healing, energy to Jenny Fitt-Peaster’s brother Rick; when she received word that he had died, in Chicago.  He was receiving chemo for leukemia, and antibiotics for an infection.  To all the Fitt-Peaster’s we are sorry for your loss.  Tom & Chris Zanoni’s good friend Betsy Estes’ brother Bill died after years of struggle with Parkinson disease.  Betsy and another of their friends are from Phoenix, but come to church with the Zanoni’s when they are in town; which is fairly often. Late January 20th, young adults Vivian Ha and Nick Vail were crossing the street at Baseline and Foothills.  Nick was hit by a vehicle while crossing as a pedestrian.  Fortunately his injuries are a best-case for that type of collision – he is in stable condition at Denver Health with only a fractured hip and possibly a facial fracture.  He remembers everything and appears to be of sound mind.  Unfortunately, the driver did not stop, and is being investigated by police.


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Mary Clough and George Brandon had the joy of watching their six month old grandson roll across their carpet on a recent visit.  Fred Cole, daughter Kendall Richards and I are proud and pleased to welcome our grandson, Nalen, (Kendall’s son) to CU Boulder as a second semester starting freshman “Baby Buff”.  Fred is an alum, Kendall’s bio dad, his mother, as well as an uncle.  A long line of Gold & Black. Lauren Hinkle and Dan Tillberg just found out that Lauren’s pregnant!  They are due in October.


Random Thoughts:  The music presented by Debra Hammond, Director of Music, and our choir for the Solstice Eve service, December 21st, was unbelievably beautiful and perfect to start the season, and warm are souls on the darkest night.  Then on Sunday, January 14th Debra, Ralph Hanson and Amanda Williams wowed us with their special music “These Hands” by D. Gunning.  Their beautiful voices took my breath away.  Our music programs are always outstanding — and often commented on, by visitors and newcomers.


An interesting tidbit I’ve heard from several people who have spent the night at the church, as a Sanctuary Volunteer/Companion, is “It was so peaceful…, that I caught up on my reading, work, sleep, etc.!”  A bonus for being a volunteer.  I know I’m starting my third book from covering the front door during the day.  Getting to spend time with Ingrid, Bryant and Anibal fills me as well; and is another of the bonuses.


With Love & Care,