Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors


Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Suzy Belmont’s stepdad had “A-fib” for weeks, and the end of February had a dangerous procedure, to correct the condition.  John Russell and family on the death of his wife Suni Eckhart, a friend of the church, the end of February. Rev. Dignan led a very nice Memorial Service for Suni on March 4th.  Laurie Highland after four months of chemotherapy is back at church. Caitlin Abbitt on the second anniversary of her mother’s death. Babs Herrli on the recent death of two cousins, James Thomas and David Ogden Stiers.  Gary Herrli’s Aunt, Christine Rouch also died last month. Bab’s brother Bruce Stiers is home now from his heart surgery. Debra Hammond, and all of us, are happy to celebrate that three years ago on March 4th she had her life saving liver transplant.  Nina Peterson’s nephew Nick’s new born son, Logan, after two weeks remains in the NICU. Kendall Richards was resting at home, last month after being kept overnight, at BCH, for observation and testing; for what turned out to be an inflamed liver.


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Finally some good news — Debra Hammond has a new, healthy niece, Julia Cooper born to her brother and sister-in-law last month after a complicated pregnancy.  Bill Belew, proud father, to Kathleen Belew who has written a book Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America.  Reading and book signing, Tattered Cover Colfax Thursday, April 5, 7:00 P.M.  Much more about Kathleen and her book is on our bulletin board outside the office.


Random Thoughts:  If you have never been to a GA (UUA General Assembly) before this might be the year.  It is doable to drive to KCMO, and Rev. Dignan will be receiving her Final Fellowship.  This comes three years after our UU ministers become Reverend. In the past the minister’s “walked”, as it was called, in a procession, but now they are “called” from where they are sitting among the congregation (the “congregation” being the assembled attendees at GA).  Rev. Howell Lind had always said that this was the way it needed to be as they are called from the congregation. This happens during the Service of of the Living Tradition, which for UUs is “High” church, on Friday evening event. Please let Fred or I know if you are planning; or thinking about going to Kansas City.  We can help you with sources which will help your decision. You will also be able to “live stream” this service, along with many other GA events and sessions. It is possible to become a “remote Delegate” and still participate in the “live” business meeting (talk to Fred).


Our new Buildings and Grounds Project Manager, Craig Mischke has been to 10 Pima three times.  He is professional, effective, a problem solver, efficient and pleasant. He with Fred, have completed several items on my “honey do” list.  He provides a discount for church members.


On Wednesday, March 14th, at 10:00 am, (a month after the shootings in Parkland FL) youth across the nation, declared a Circle of Remembrance, ending with 17 minute silent vigil.  Fred and I joined the elders from Frasier Meadows, and other neighbors, in a 17 minute silent walk around Thunderbird Lake. As we walked, the older students from Horizon Middle School were forming their own circle on an adjacent field.  Because our walk did not take all of our 17 minutes, many of us, spontaneously began to join their circle — which they kept opening wider to accommodate everyone, until its size nearly doubled! UU’s Jean Gore in her wheelchair, Rebekka Struik, from Fraser, and Dorothy Ciarlo from UUCB also participated.  Dorothy’s excellent letter to the editor about the event (March 17th Daily Camera) is on our bulletin board.  It felt very rewarding, and powerful, to be standing silently with our youth.


With Love & Care,