Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Melinda Morris asks that we please join her, by sending positive energy as she moves forward with her divorce.  Jim Dimmick’s sister, Virginia, died last month. Saphyre Rogers-Berry’s sister Laurel Sheel, was in critical condition last month, in a New Orleans hospital.  Healing thoughts and love to Tessa Davis and Alan as she continues additional rounds of radiation — with added oral chemotherapy for one of them — throughout April and May, for spots where her pancreatic cancer has begun to spread.  The doctors are hopeful that they can both be successfully dealt with at this early stage. Caitlin More flew to Cleveland OH last month to spend time with her father, who was hospitalized, and in failing health. Kim Elderbrook had a fall breaking his femur.  Unfortunately, he is looking at a three month recovery.  We will miss his great smile, and beautiful voice in our choir!  Christian Macy who is going through deep grief and pain from someone who loves him dearly.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Nina Peterson shared that we celebrate with her that her nephew’s son Logan is no longer in the NICU, but is home with his family.  Also that one year ago, March 25th, is the anniversary of her sweet dog companion joining her life. Alison Burgess, Alac Cole, Elliot Dineen, and Sophie Hughes who are graduating High School this month, and will be honored by Rev. Dignan, and the congregation on May 13th.

Special Welcome to New Members:  Willis Clark and daughters, Fiona & Chloe, Mary Hill, Pam Leland, and Melanie Weinstein.  We are very pleased you four have joined us here at UUCB.

Random Thoughts:  If you can snag a 4/19/18 edition of the Boulder Weekly there is a great cover and a six page spread about Ingrid, UUCB, and our sanctuary effort. You will find pictures, and statements from many familiar folks.  

On Saturday, April 21st the Boulder Friends Meeting, (one of our partner, MDSC members) hosted a Friendship and Fiesta potluck, followed by music, fellowship and Salsa dancing.  Counting the smaller children, about fifty people attended, and enjoyed the delicious food, camaraderie, and dancing.

Many of Ingrid’s extended family and friends were there, it was a joy to welcome them all!  

Later, an interesting thing happened, when I answered the door.  A woman had came up to the front (removing her ear plugs) and asked “What is going on inside, I heard the music?”  I said “…Salsa dancing!”

She replied, ” Oh, I LOVE Salsa dancing!”  I welcomed her in, and she joined the folks in the Skyroom.  A little while later; Dan Thomas came out to the lobby, and I told him about her.  He said “Yes — she is intimidating all of us — and even the instructor; because she’s so good!”  

Turns out, this person used to be a competitive Salsa dancer, had been injured, and really missed being involved.  I then explained why the door was locked, and told her about Ingrid. She said “I’m always very busy, but I want to know I/we can help?”  Our conversation was interrupted when her husband called, wanting to know, “Where are you?” He, and their daughter, had been riding bikes — while she had been running with them, in our neighborhood.

On May 16th Ingrid, Bryant and Anabal will have been with us for 5 months!  

We are making a difference in our community!

With Love & Care,  Barb