Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  In support and understanding we continue to offer our blessings to Melinda Roark on her healing journey.  In both mourning and celebrating her life, we acknowledge the passing of Michel Feder who died peacefully in hospice care in Middlebury VT April 28th.  She was 92. Michel was a UUCB member from 2001 until about five years ago when she moved to be closer to her son, the Rev. Barnaby Feder who serves the Champlain Valley UU Society.  Member’s knees, and other extremities, received a “big hit” last month: Jenny Fitt-Peaster had out-patient arthroscopic surgery on her left knee to repair a medial meniscus tear, and to clean up the cartilage.  The Dr. promised that she would be back square dancing after Mother’s day. Ruth Sanders fell and broke her knee cap and is recovering after surgery. Janet Evans was hit by a car while riding her bike, and had surgery on her femur.  She was at church the Sunday after being hit, and the next Sunday after the surgery! Moi missed a step, at a fine, dimly lit, restaurant in Portland, OR, (before wine & dinner) and landed on my replaced knee. My X-ray from 2010 looked just like the one taken last week — I dodged a bullet.  Hilton Fitt-Peaster whose hand is still recovering from his December fall, and subsequent wrist surgery, is now back square dancing and playing golf. Whitney Wheeless’s father took a fall and is sporting a cast on his arm, but happily avoided surgery. Suzy Belmont wants prayers and support for her step-dad, Steve as he continues to struggle with heart problems.  She spent a week with him last month.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Last month our 8th graders were on their Coming of Age Retreat: Kymber Anderson, Allison Lydic, Fox Martin, Miles Rowe, and Grace Bush.  Nina Peterson is excited to share that son Kjell, announced he is getting married in October. Betty Skipp turned 90 years young on May 7th!  John Cuddington’s youngest daughter, Melissa, graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, and will attend John Marshall Law School In Chicago next fall.  At the Pacific Western Regional meeting, in Portland — Fred Cole was elected to a 3 year term as the Mountain Desert District Trustee on the Board of the Midwest UU Conference (MUUC).  You will have to ask him what that means. On Mother’s Day, our graduating Fairview seniors were honored — Alac Cole, Eliott Dineen and Sophie Hughes. Also, our “companioned” student, Wendy Guitierrez has graduated from Boulder High  Our grandson, Alac Cole, received a Triumph Scholarship, funded by Lucky’s Market, which will be put to good use at Front Range Community college this fall.

Random Thoughts:  Gate 38A at DIA, on Friday, April 27th.  This was the day that Fred and I were heading to Portland, OR, for the regional meeting.  We arrived at 9 am for a 10:15 am. flight; only to find out that the flight was scheduled for 10:15 pm!  Rather than return home we opted to stay put, and not go through TSA again; beside what else were we to do with the day?  I finished a new book, and Fred finished several crossword puzzles. We finally got to our hotel in Portland, and crawled into bed at 1:30 am Saturday morning!  Up early for breakfast, heard the Keynote speaker, and in the afternoon, presented a workshop about our Sanctuary efforts at UUCB. Our story about dealing with the rental income loss, Ingrid’s saga, and everything that has been accomplished, since October; were very well received.  At Sunday breakfast a person we met asked “…have you checked your flight home?” Well our flight home was to leave at 1:00 am Monday morning — so there went our plans for a day in Portland! Sunday afternoon we visited Powell’s Bookstore, (not to be missed if ever you are in town!) where I purchased another book for the trip home; and then went to dinner,  which is when I fell. We arrived back home thanks to RTD at 6:30 am Monday morning and collapsed into bed. Kelly said, “you need to call your travel agent” — I replied that would be Fred! The moral of the story is no matter whatever the weather, or the circumstances when we travel, after 35 years, we still always have a great time: because we are together.  

With Love & Care,