Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Dave Pitts on the death of his wife Claire, a former member, who died on November 21st. Her service will be in the Spring. Susan, Tim Bailey and family on the death of her father, Earl T. Dunbar who died November 21st in Marysville, OH at the age of 96. Tessa Davis and Alan as she started Chemo again December 3rd. The cancer in her pancreas has returned. Lois Anderson, who slipped on the ice and fractured her hip. After surgery, and three screws in early December; and with the aid of a fast moving walker, she is back in church and sporting a smile. Judith Hunter and her family on the sudden death of her husband, Jim last month. Family and friends of Lee Redfield who died last month. Lee was a former member of UUCB who served on my first board in 1993. She was a very active member here, and was currently active with the BVUUF (Boulder Valley UU Fellowship) and attended LUUP (Longmont UU Presence).

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Our buddy Anibal turned 3 on Thursday, November 29th. Ingrid, family, friends, church members and volunteers, celebrated with him on Saturday, November 24th with a Thomas the Train themed birthday party! Dianne Ewing, and her team of volunteers hosted yet another Thanksgiving dinner. There were 60+ of us who enjoyed great food and fellowship. Proud mothers, Mary Dineen and Sue Masterson announced their great joy and celebration, that son Evan Masterson was selected to be a Rotary International Youth Exchange student. He will be spending his senior year of high school in Italy! Including brother Elliot Dineen, attending DU, they are all thrilled. Kay Stevens and Al Miller are engaged and will be married next March. They met at Golden West, and she is very much in love. She said, “…after Lee died I never thought there would be another wonderful man in my life”. A One Year Here! event was held at the church, on December 9th to mark the time Ingrid has been with us. As a group we rededicated ourselves to supporting Ingrid and her whole family. We also said another Thank You to all of our volunteers. The UUCB Chancel Cats, Debra Hammond, Amanda Williams, Mary Friedrichs, Ralph Hanson, and Heidi & Steve Todd provided great live music for the event, which drew about 45 attendees. Jenny Fitt-Pester is now walking without a cane, and could NOT be happier. Square dancing to follow soon. A beautiful baby girl, named Lily Abundance Belbirn, was born to Emily Conger & Ted Burnham on December 13, 2018. She was 7 lbs 4 oz, 20 inches, brown hair and dark grey eyes (for now?). Her name:  Lily – a majestic flower, which connects to natural beauty, and also Harry Potter’s mother…Abundance – a reminder of the abundant, courageous love at the center of our UU theology…Belbirn- a combination of the archaic forms of our family names -Bel Conger (“the bell-ringer”) and Birnbaum (“pear tree”) — which we intend to become our new family name. Abby Highland, UUCB Staff, graduated December 19th from CU with her BA in Geography. A family celebration happened in New Orleans during the holidays.

Special welcome to New Member: Sally Hall joined UUCB on Sunday, December 16. We are so glad you joined us on your spiritual journey.

Random Thoughts:  Sally laughed that her joining added to the national UU gain, making it 981 for 2018 — better than most US religious groups. If you missed Sunday’s (12/16) excellent sermon “The Big Questions” by Rev. Kelly Dignan; I highly recommend you “tune” in and check it out via our Website, to fully understand Sally’s comment..  Once again Kelly knocked it out of the park. See also the related article in the Winter issue of UU World.

Help our UU national movement and our UUCB community, by inviting a friend(s) to church next year.  We have a message that needs to be heard! To quote the Belbirn’s; “Abundance is a reminder of the abundant, courageous love at the center of our Unitarian Universalist theology.  May it be so.

With Love & Care,