Membership Matters

by Barb Richards

We honor members, friends, visitors


Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Ann who is receiving aggressive treatment for melanoma. Paula Hansley who is recovering from back surgery that she had last month. Love and light to all who are suffering. David Pitts and family who gathered to celebrate the Life, so well lived, of Claire Pitts on March 15th. Together Dave and Rev. Dignan created yet another beautiful Memorial Service. It was postponed one day because of our March blizzard, some of the family was “snowed in” in C.Springs, some couldn’t get to CO at all, and some waited several days to leave. We hold families of those killed in the Ethiopian plane crash, and also all those suffering from the events, at the mosques, in Christchurch, New Zealand in our hearts and thoughts.  


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Ron and Jennifer Gould who started our amazing Senior Salon a year ago last month. We celebrated with a delicious sheet cake and one candle. Some months we number 15-25 attendees, and we all look forward to being together for two hours on a Tuesday morning. Helene & Jon Bond celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on March 23rd. They met at UUCB which is another good reason to attend church. Cole Hart has already started his new job at Nutrien in Loveland CO. It is an agricultural company. Nancy Spear’s new book, Nelly & the Mother Line, is about to be published. Nancy says about it, “…if you’ve ever been to Nova Scotia, or want to go to the Canadian Maritimes — if you’re interested in different cultures, history or genealogy, intrigued by the adventures of searching your roots mother to mother, or if you just like a good read…I think you’ll enjoy this book.” Plus one of her incredible paintings is on the cover!


Random Thoughts:  Do I start with humor or serious stuff? Fred and Moi saw a great bumper sticker last month, which said, “Any Functional Adult in 2020”!


Shocked, sad, very, very sad when I opened Rev Dignan’s resignation letter last month. Four years go very fast when great things are happening! Research says that a minister’s tenure is now approaching an average of four years — Who knew? During my years as a UU, which begin in 1963 Rev. Kelly Dignan will have been my 12th minister. Change does happen. You may have heard Fred and I say that we became “Institutional UUs” years ago which means we stay committed to UUCB, and look forward to the future, but will enjoy and loving Kelly as our minister until June 30th, and beyond.


With Love & Care.